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Tried Grey Goose Pear Vodka?

Has anyone tried the new Grey Goose pear flavored vodka? I saw an advertisement for it in this month's Gourmet and am curious.

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  1. Pear must be the vodka flavor du jour...I haven't seen the Grey Goose version, but I did try Absolut Pear recently. It was OK. My favorite flavored vodkas are still Danska Grapefruit and Stoli Blueberi (sp.? on both), in that order.

    1. I don't get it, personally. I'd rather drink poire eaux-de-vie.

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        Is that the stuff with the pickled pear in it? If so, I tried it once--ouch.

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          There are several Poire Williams with the pear grown in the bottle. Some are cheap and awful, some are truly excellent.

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            One of the most common pear-in-the-bottle eaux-de-vie is Korte Palinka from Hungary, and it is rather poor.

            But don't throw the brandy out with the pear. Try a REAL Poire eau-de-vie from producers such as Etter or Morand (Switzerland), Massenez or Trimbach (Alsace, France), St. George or Clear Creek (USA). There are many other worthwhile producers, too, but you should be able to find these rather easily -- especially in a top-quality restaurant. Serve chilled after dinner.

        2. Pear is such a mild flavor. I had a pear martini with Absolut Pear and real pear juice. Could have been sugar water.

          1. Yeah, don't get caught in the wave of flavored vodkas...make your own infusions. It's cheaper and better.

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              I agree about making your own. Some of the commercial flavored vodkas are really good. Most are not.

              I just started getting in samples of flavored spirits to review and out of the nine here on my sample table only one is good, but that one is very good. (Tahitian Vanilla vodka made by North Shore Distillery. The same folks who make the small batch Distillers Gin No. 6. I don't know if it is on the market yet since this was a pre-bottling sample.)

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                It's called fill the pipeline..............expand the base product to all flavors to appeal to as many people as possible..........The ol' "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" philosophy.............

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                  I made a pear infusion. Pears are so mild, it got lost when mixed. I used about the same amount of pear that I do Pineapple, which is always incredible, but the pear is going to need more.
                  Of course, on the rocks worked just fine.

                2. Really no detectable pear flavor and very faint pear aroma. I generally don't like flavored vodkas because they take vodka, which should be clean and inoffensive, and make it taste dirty. This one is no exception.

                  1. Try it on the rocks with orange bitters - not bad. It has a real scent - more than it has taste.

                    1. i had it last weekend, it was awesome...
                      sliced up a few pears, put the vodka on the rocks and threw the fruit in... it was VERY good... the best was eating the vodka pears at the bottom!

                      1. The Grey Goose Pear Vodka is Ecxellent!

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                          I'm sure it is; I just don't get it. Why not drink Poire?

                        2. Ignore for a moment that grey goose is completely over blown and all that $ is marketing...

                          The initial pear taste is nice. Present without being overpowering - good flavor. However, the aftertaste is really artificial and that ruins it.

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                            First of all everyone has to recognize that comparing a "pear flavored" vodka to poire eaux de vie is like comparing apples to oranges. The poire "brandies" are grape based spirits with the infusion of pear. On the other hand, most of the "flavored" vodkas are neutral grain spirits with added pear-flavored additives. It's reasonable to compare pear-flavored vodkas but that is the only true comparison that should be made.

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                              No, no, no!!!

                              What you are describing ("The poire "brandies" are grape based spirits with the infusion of pear") is not an eau-de-vie at all. These are brandies MADE from pear. Period. Rather than crushing grapes, it's the pears that are crushed, fermented and distilled into brandy. There is no grape-based spirit in a true eau-de-vie at all, be it poire, kirsch, fraise, frambois, mirabell, etc., etc., etc.

                              Things like Blackberry Flavored Brandy are grape brandies with blackberry (or other flavoring) added. But an eau-de-vie is true, pure fruit.

                          2. I have not tried the Grey Goose Pear. I actually walked into my liquor store intending to get it, and saw Absolut Pear and bought it. it has a wonderful pear flavor. In fact, like the Mandarin Orange flavor, you can sip it on the rocks and it tastes like a subtly mixed drink. Not sweet - - but fragrant. Delicious. I am thinking of inventing a cocktail - maybe with a touch of poire williams and a tooth pic garnished with white raisins.

                            1. I tried it straight and would've rather of drank warm piss through a dirty sock. Never trust the demo girls. I'm sure a better experienced mixologist would've designed something that would've complimented the taste. I don't think Grey Goose is the vodka it used to be anymore...I've been drinking this one called POLAND SELECT which is half the price and 10 times as smooth! Now that's a bargain!

                              1. I had it in a "Ginger Pear". It's just ginger ale on the rocks, with the Grey Goose pear vodka added in. I thought it was a very good combination.

                                1. Grey Goose and I are not friends, but I have tried Absolut Pears, and I love it. I either mix it with pear nectar, or with a heavy splash of Chambord and Sprite.