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Mar 16, 2007 02:14 PM

Great Sushi/Japanese restaurant in Atlanta, GA?

Any suggestions or recommendations for a great sushi restaurant in Atlanta?

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    1. Anywhere inside 285 ring. I was looking and thinking of MF Sushi. Thanks for any suggestions.

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      1. Taka. Taka. Taka.

        MF is good but very pricey. Taka wins on stellar dishes outside your basic sashimi and maki repertoire.

        1. I second MF sushi...Its the best we have found after years of trying different sushi places. We've found that MF only gets really expensive when you end up drinking alot of sake- : )
          Try the albacore tuna tataki very fresh--Their Unagi is pretty good too-

          1. Nakato on Cheshire-Bridge Road next to Woodfire Grill is consistantly good. Very nice garden out back as well.