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cheap eats near grand central

I'm sure this is discussed, but I'm looking for places that HAVE CHEAP NON-IRISH CUISINE. HEALTHY FOOD PREFERREDfor tommorow when I go to St. Patricks Parade. Anything under $10 for lunch will be appreciated. And yes, I have checked out MidTownLunch but am looking for other recommendations.


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  1. I think the reason you are not getting much of a response is that (1) many places in the vicinity of Grand Central do not serve lunch on Saturday and (2) those places that are open will not fit your budget. And, btw, a piece of really important information that is missing is whether that less than $10 is supposed to cover everything, i.e., food, beverage, tax & tip?

    It seems to me you need to consider either eating in a different neighborhood where you might be able to find what you are looking for (e.g., Uncle Nick's, on 9th & 50th, serves gyro & souvlaki sandwiches for $4.95), and/or increasing your budget.

    1. i think that you can get a number of things in the grand central food court that are tasty and will fit your budget. there's also 'wichcraft in bryant park for tasty sandwiches, but i don't know if they're open on weekends, or open in the winter for that matter. never mind--it's nasty out, and you wouldn't want to be dining outdoors anyway.

      1. Menchanko-tei on 45th between Lexington and Third. Nice Japanese noodles and other inexpensive dishes, all priced at about $10 and below. Open from 11:30 AM.

        1. thanks !!! any more responses??

          1. I like Cafe Zaiya and 40th between Mad. and 5 Ave. It's a cafe atmosphere, but you can stuff yourself for $10. I never spend more than $5 when I'm there. Lots of variety: sandwiches, sushi, curry, bento boxes.

            1. If you're looking for non-Irish food and would like some Chinese, I highly recommend Mee Noodle House on 2nd Avenue and 49th Street. It's 2 blocks down toward the East River and walk your way up from 42nd to 49th Street.

              Their General Tso chicken is the best I've ever had in Manhattan (or San Francisco) and their fried rice has crispy bits of fresh onions (if you're into that) thrown in with it. They also have soups with many types of noodles, veggies and meat you can choose from.

              Good luck and good eatin'!

              1. east side of Lex between 40th/39th GOOD Portions , tasty asian ,Pac rim food . casual open saturday and sunday . can get dish for under 7 $ .

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                  No offense, but I thought Good Portions had sucky portions. Sure, the sushi may cost $4, but that gets you four pieces. The nori was soggy and the rice hard. I also had an unspectacular dumpling there. One of my worst "dining" experiences ever.

                2. You can check out Oms/B on 45th between Lexington and 3rd.


                  It's a Japanese place specializing in omusubi (hence, Oms/b), rice balls packed with fillings.

                  1. The Manhattan Chili place in Grand Central is nothing special, but it's fun and the food is fine. And not the least bit Irish.