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Mar 16, 2007 01:59 PM

ISO nice quiet business dinner Downtown Long Beach

Our international (Europe) guests are staying at the Hilton on Ocean. I was thinking of L'Opera, but am open to suggestions. Nothing too exotic. And it must be a quiet place for a party of 10.

This is for next Tuesday evening. Thanks.

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    1. if they are europeans and they appreciate a native, go across the bridge to Neil's seafood and pasta house in Pedro. Perfection.
      Get the stuffed pepper and the steamed (in garlic and wine) clams for an appetizer.
      linen on the tables, an Iscian native in the kitchen. The pastas are superb. I love the fra diavalo shrimp and the rigatoni in veal sauce.
      tell him, petey sent you.

      1. Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary would be a good meal and an ineresting little trip.

        1. Is Christy's on 4th Street close enough to be considered downtown?