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Big Mama's and Papa's (Khachapouri)

Ok, I finally tried this place (the one in downtown), and got myself Khachapouri, which I am told is a Russian comfort food.

If you've never had (or seen) Khachapouri, it's basically an oval shaped pizza-type thing (sort of like a split-open calzone), topped with cheese (feta and mozarella), butter and whatever toppings you would like. I got the one with bacon and ham. All of it was topped with 2 eggs, sunny side up.

Sounds gross, I know, but it was really good. Sort of reminded me of the egg and guanciale pizza at Mozza.

Carl's Jr. has their "breakfast in a bun" hamburger, then this is probably the Russian/Italian equivalent.

Check it out for yourself. https://36pizza.com/?page=42

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  1. OMG it's my new favorite comfort food, often consumed (incongruously) after the gym. Try the ham and mushrooms if you're into it or the bacon and onions. The SO thinks I'm nuts but double yum. And it travels well.

    1. I love that Khachapouri at Big Mama's and Papa's...Crispy Crust pizza also does something similar called "Breakfast pizza"...also a winner.

      But my favorite "odd" use for an egg is the fried egg on my Fatburger at Fatburger...I always order a bacon and egg Fatburger...love it!

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        I'm going to opt for the pastrami next time ...

      2. I also get my khachapouri fix at Big M&P's. The plain is just as delicious, but without the extra strain to the coronaries, although I must confess to going whole hog once in a while.

        1. I get them at the Armenian Bakeries in Glendale - they call it something else. Just get the plain ones with the cheese and egg (not fully cooked). Then sprinkle some paprika and salt on it and go to town. When I worked in Glendale, we used to call them "Boats". SO GOOD!

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            Can you tell me which bakery (or bakeries)? -thanks.

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              Sorry - just saw this after all these years! I think it may be Paradise Bakery or something. I will search for the correct name and let you know. It is near Sonoma on Glenoaks.

          2. Ah Big M&P's is a staple of workers in my building. I'm always seeing the yellow slice boxes in trash cans. The pizza isn't that great, but it IS big.

            I've always been a bit scared to try something that resembled pizza with egg (after Japan, I never want egg on pizza again), but it seems like it has a generally good following, so maybe I'll bite the bullet.

            1. Khachapuri is a traditional food in the Soviet Georgia. You can probably also find it in some Russian stores on SM Blvd.

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                OMG. I had my first Khachapouri last night at Big Momma's & Papa's in WeHo, and wow, it's amazing. Best comfort/hangover/heart-attack worthy meal EVER.

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                  And just so others can get a better idea of what is being talked about in this thread here's a link to a photo of said item from their website: http://www.chow.com/photos/128698

              2. Try the ones at Red Top Burger on Central, a few blocks south of Colorado, in Glendale. Wonderful. Also their Pizza (Made, I think, out of the same dough) is among the best I've ever had anywhere. Their Lula Kabob is spectacular, too. As to the burgers? Don't know; never tried them.

                1. I grew up with khachapouris, so I just wanted to set the record straight. Khachapuri is neither Russian comfort food nor Armenian. It is common for the formerly Soviet Armenians to make khachapuri, satzivi, harissa, all of which are staples of Georgian cuisine. It is so common that khachapuris became an every day snack grabbed from the Armenian bakeries. However, the kind of khachapuri you are referring too is Adjarian khachapuri that comes from Adjarian khachapuri which is filled with cheese and topped with a raw egg. And yes, it's delicious. Spitak bakery next to Espresso Mi Cultura used to make it. But they're gone already. There is a small Armenian cafe downtown I believe on Olive street. He makes a killer Adjarian khachapuri. I have to say I have never met the meat encrusted version of Adjarian khachapuri. It's an American transmutation. Try the authentic one - it won't disappoint.

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                    Thanks for the info and tip Anyuta.

                    Do you happen to recall the name of the bakery on Olive that you speak so highly of?

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                      There is an Armenian cafe called "Bruno" on 6th btw Olive and Grand in downtown LA. Could that be the place? They do have cheese boureks and other Armenian goodies, which I've enjoyed -- I'll have to ask them about the Adjarian khachapuri...

                      Bruno Coffee
                      502 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

                  2. I just had my first at Zaatar Factory in Burbank today. These things are damn delicious. Very friendly people. They gave me a sample of a very thin flat bread with house made sausages.

                    1. My two cents: cultivate a relationship with your local Big Mama's and Papa's. Then PREORDER a large (four-egg) Khachapouri, eggs done MEDIUM RARE, with bacon and chorizo toppings. Chorizo is no longer on the menu so you'll have to special order it several hours ahead of time. There is something about the spicy sausage and bacon interacting with the runny egg yolk that make this an unbelievably good dish. I've tried many, many other combinations from the toppings list but nothing else comes close.

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                        As of last year, the one in downtown LA will make you a 12 foot long Khachapouri with 2 dozen eggs! Preorder a must. Perfect for tailgaiting ...

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                          I called today and the guy said he had never heard of them making them that big. Same for Hollywood location. Now this 12-egg khachapouri will only exist in my dreams!

                          1. re: maiweezy

                            When I asked (nearly 2 years ago), I got the same response with the counter person.

                            Then I asked to speak with one of the chef (or cooks?) in the back and we bargained our way to a mutual agreement.

                            1. re: ipsedixit

                              IT LIVES! ipsedixit, I can't thank you enough for this tip - this is the best birthday brunch ever :D

                      2. Old Sassoon Bakery in Pasadena, on Allen, north of the 210. Also does Kachapouri.

                        1. Khachapuri is actually a Georgian cheese pie, widely adopted in Armenia, but not so much in Russia. It's reminiscent of cheese boreq except comes in smaller sizes. I've heard that Mamas and Papas make Adjarian khachapuri too (Adjaria being a mountaneous region in Georgia). It's a totally different beast altogether: it's like eggs on boat-shaped freshly baked bread topped with mozarella type cheese and sprinkled with chile flakes. Delicious!
                          There is a small Armenian cafe in downtown, close to the immigration court on Olive street, but buried amongst jewelry stores. The cook there makes some of the most authentic Transcaucasian dishes (Armenia/Georgia), yet they are rarely found in the restaurants here. If you live in downtown you may want to check it out.

                          1. does anyone know of a place in the SFV that makes this? it sounds like something that i would love.

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                                thanks for that! i didn't realize Big Mama's and Papa's had multiple locations. i am going to try that this weekend. i love fried eggs, cheese and dough in any formation, so i am really looking forward to this.

                                edit: i just found out the one closest to me is next door to a strip club. gotta love the Valley.

                                Big Mama
                                1721 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

                                1. re: Jelly71

                                  "edit: i just found out the one closest to me is next door to a strip club. gotta love the Valley."

                                  Won't that bring down the property values of the adjacent porn studios? ;-D>

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                                    i finally got to try it today. wow, wow, wow. that might be a perfect food. the eggs were cooked just right, yolks runny, whites just set. the dough was really good, too. very chewy and fresh tasting. and i loved that there wasn't a metric ton of cheese on it. it was enough to be tasty, but not so much as to be gross. i will be getting this again. but probably only on weekend days, because i really don't want to be hanging next door to a strip club after dark. (i went to the one on Roscoe/Canoga, it shares a parking lot with the club.)

                              2. So I have noticed that there are no reviews of Jack's Bakery in Garden Grove. I also notice that they do lahmajune and even have khachapouri as well: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/5VC27Z... -(although in this photo it seems to be called a Black sea turnover) I am shocked that none of our OC-centric hounds have reviewed this place (at least that I can find).

                                Jack's Bakery
                                10515 Mcfadden Ave
                                Garden Grove, CA 92843
                                (714) 775-6773

                                1. BTW it's also on the menu at a relatively new Georgian restaurant that gets consistantly good reviews. And there two versions, an Abkanasian and Osetinian.

                                  The Old Village in Glendale


                                  1. yep OMG I love this stuff
                                    Try the new york deli on sunset by kaiser.
                                    most sandwich places in little Armenia have it.
                                    All my favorite food together, bread cheese and eggs.......

                                    1. With all respect, let me tell you that "Kkachapouri" is NOT a Russian comfort food. This is a Georgian one. You can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khachapuri. There are more than 10 different shapes of "Khachapuri" existing. By the way, in Georgia people don't use feta cheese and Mozzarella. The real "Khachapouri" is made by Georgian (Imeretian) cheese but here in the US there is no Georgian cheese and feta is little bit equivalent to the original Georgian cheese. Again, "Khachapouri is GEORGIAN cheese-filled bread and NOT Russian one!!