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2 nights in LA. Providence and Grace or...

This board seems to love Providence, so I feel confident about that choice, but I've hear dissenting opinions about Grace. What do you think? Is there something better we should try for our other night?

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  1. people love Providence but i didn't have a good meal there... and Grace is really disappointing. in those price ranges, i'd recommend Spago or Sona. both are really excellent time and time again.

    1. I think that Grace is a great choice... I always recommend it to people. I've always had stellar meals and superb service every time that I go (which is about once a month).

      1. I LOVE Grace. My go-to good meal place for out-of-town guests Great vibe, great food, friendly service. Am actually one of the people more on the fence about Providence -- high on innovation but found the dishes on tasting menu hit-and-miss with the sauces and gelees overly sweet for my taste. Also, the atmosphere of the room we were in took a couple of drinks to warm up (front room to the left as you enter -- if you book ask the host if you can sit elsewhere). Did love their deserts though, the staff couldn't have been lovelier and the dishes were creative -- so certainly not a train-wreck. Might of liked more if hadn't been oversold. Will be going to Sona next month -- husband's choice for his b-day. Hoping for the best -- but a lot of 'hounds seem pretty down on it. so far the coordinator I've been arranging the menu with is absolutely lovely. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        1. I'm also a huge fan of Grace. It's never disappointed. I've had better experiences at Providence with the tasting menu than with the regular menu. I didn't enjoy Sona, although I understand that if you coordinate with them beforehand about your meal (they did a tasting menu for my friends' anniversary planned around the wines they brought), you'll enjoy the experience.

          1. I'd go to Spago and Providence. If you can, get the tasting menu at both, or at least at Spago. You'll definitely have something to write home, or back to us, about! Have fun in LA.

            1. Spago and Grace are my two favorite restaurants in all of LA. Spago is more Euro-centric, whereas Grace is more American, both are excellent fine dining options.

              One of the best ways to enjoy Spago is with a tasting menu, which showcases Chef Lee (and Chef Wolfgang's) creativity and versatility. And while Grace doesn't hit for such a high average, he hits for tremendous power (to borrow a baseball analogy).

                1. I used to like lucques, then jar and now its grace - beautiful place, note very large split style portions and I am a 6' big guy - one salad, one pasta starter for the main and one meat - bot of wine and done. I like the beet salad and the pork shank - very good wines for the $ - two rooms, the smaller more quiet one is the one I like, table 86, whish is an reverse L to the right. Its an outstanding place and BLD that they also run down the street is great. very nice staff.

                  1. Have you been to Luques? If not, I would pick it over Grace or Sona. And as others have said, Spago rarely dissapoints. Also, if you have the dough, and love Japanese, Urasawa may be the best meal in town.

                    1. I think both restaurants are excellent. Of the two, I've most recently been to Grace (went to Providence in December, and had an excellent meal - their clam chowder is amazing!), and my friend and I each split an appetizer, and then had two more appetizers of our own for our "main course", and then had two desserts, and that was plenty of food. I was more impressed with my thai lobster soup and a fresh pasta dish with lobster and peas than she was with her frisee salad with poached egg and eel and goat cheese tart. We split the braised short ribs with escargots and hearts of palm to start - inventive plating, they'd carved out a large heart of palm and stuffed the short ribs inside so it looked like a large marrow bone. The dessert platter with various options (swiss roll, cookies, marshmallows, etc) was unimpressive, but I got the kouign amman and it was splendid. Atmosphere, at least the night we were there (Thursday) was more lively than that of Providence (Tuesday night). Both places have very good service as well.

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                        That hearts of palm dish was one of my single favorite dishes ever. It seemed to pair so well with the ribs and the escargot -- whodathunkit?

                      2. I think Providence and Grace are both solid choices.

                        1. providence is amazing but i will say i thought the chef's tasting menu was too much food. last time we had 18 (!!!) dishes (including dessert) which was a bit much. better to go for the 9 course tasting (which will probably end up as 12).

                          have a great meal!!