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Mar 16, 2007 01:43 PM

Options for Persian New Year?

I've been going to Kebab Bazaar in Clarendon for their usual annual special buffet. But it's gotten monotonous to me, even once a year. I want to savor something different this year...

I called Shamshiri but the guy on the phone said they offer *something?* at the usual price. I couldn't understand him. Does anyone know what they offer or of any other Persian place that offers something special on No-Rooz? Thanks.

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  1. This place is great, but in Baltimore if you want to travel...

    1. thanks for the suggestion pamd, it's a bit out of the way but perhaps if i can persuade my friends :-)

      1. Here's a good post from a few years ago. I've been to Shamshiry about a year ago (latest visit) and it still holds up:

        Sorry, not sure about traditions about No-Rooz.

        1. In case they were speaking Farsi when you called, and you're interested in trying again:
          sabzi poli=herbed rice
          That's the traditional Iranian New Year dish. Hopefully the local 'hounds will weigh in with recommendations on where the sabzi polo and mahi are good. Sal-e no mobarak (Happy new year)!

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            i had a farsi speaker call back who confirmed exactly what you said. btw, i also called kebab bazaar and learned they are offering their special buffet on Wednesday lunch and dinner. (this seems to be a departure from last year when they offered it all day new years eve and lunch on new years.)