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Mar 16, 2007 01:36 PM

any recent experience bringing the stray bottle back from Europe?

Yes I know this is a boring question, but I am anticipating wanting to bring a few bottles back from Napoli/Amalfi next week - maybe just a bottle or two of limoncello or similar, maybe something else. I dont intend to acquire any special equipment or luggage for this -we travel light and usually with softsided bags.

So my question for those who have travelled recently - are european sellers adjusting and providing special sleeves/containers for what they sell to accomodate overseas buyers at this time, or should I take some packing materials along with me?

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  1. I have packed wine in my soft sided suitcase successfully on a few occassions. I just wrap a few items of clothing around it and makes sure that it is near the center of the suitcase and not right at an edge or the top or bottom. and cushioned on all sides by additional clothing. I brought back 3-4 bottles from New Zealand in a medium sized suitcase way without any problems (there were another 3 bottles in my husband's suitcase and a case that a winery shipped for us--we got a little tipsy and spendy while wine tasting). I have never had enough forethought, but you could bring some plastic bags to wrap the bottle in first.

    Another thing you could do is to buy a 3 bottle or half case shipping box (with the foam liner), check it empty on the way there, and then put whatever you buy inside, and check it full on the way back.

    1. I have often brought back some 6-12 bottles packed within suitcases, and as many as four cases checked as baggage. No problem.

      1. There's a US Customs thread you might want to check out:

        1. I bring wine back all the time in my checked luggage. I travel with a box of 2-gallon ziplock freezer bags, a roll of bubble wrap and some tape. This helps ensure that should a bottle break in transit, my clothes would not all turn burgundy in color! I've neve rhad a bottle break yet...

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            Appreciate the responses - since I use the very lightweight frameless type of bag which will provide no protection whatever Im really wondering whether anybody has received packing from the sellers in Europe . I have had had experience rolling up stuff in clothes, plastic etc. in packed bags but not when I was using this luggage - have usually relied on carrying my wine/liquor on in the past.

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              Not direct response, but a good friend just purchased about three cases in IT. He had the wineries ship directly to him in the US, with only one btl. broken, and quickly replaced. Now, I used to pick up the odd btls. of Port at LHR Duty-Free, but since the recent events in UK, I have not done this. I would declare any purchases, and let US Customs do, whatever they feel that they need to do. I always have a dozen, or so, Cuban cigars (out of LHR), and declare these, though with no real "details." To date, no US Customs agent (ORD, SFO, or LAX) has blinked at my declaration.

              Maybe the solution is to buy more, and let the wineries ship to you in the US.