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Mar 16, 2007 12:56 PM

Western Canada board not discoverable

... not discoverable by non-Canadians who don't know it exists, anyway.

When searching for Vancouver restaurants, I know they're not on the "Pacific NW" board, which is where I usually visit. Looking at the International boards, I read "Quebec", "Ontario", "Canada", "International", "Australia", etc... at which point I stopped reading, since it looks like the Canada boards are grouped together. But there are rather few Vancouver postings in the Canada board.

Digging for several more minutes yielded the fact there is a "Western Canada" board, which is listed between "South America" and "Italy". Not exactly where I would expect to find it.

Let me suggest that you group the international boards by geography. Maybe indent them so it's easy to figure out where you should be looking.

Here's my proposal:
Canada [group title, not a link]
- Quebec
- Ontario
- Western Canada (Vancouver/Whistler/BC, Alberta, etc)
- Canada (all other)
Asia/Pacific Rim
- Australia/NZ
- South Asia (countries x,y,z, etc)
- Japan
- China
- Greater Asia
- France
- Spain/Portugal
- Italy
- Turkey/Greece
- UK/Ireland
- [is there even an "other europe" board? where do Belgians post?]
Middle East and Africa (but what's the difference btwn "Africa" and "ME/Africa"?)
Other North American
- Caribbean
- Mexico
South America

[or maybe you have an "Other Americas" category]

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  1. Unfortunately, we're currently not able to do what you suggest, but we do agree that better organization is needed for the international boards.

    -- Jacquilynne, Community Manager for Chowhound

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    1. re: Jacquilynne

      I see that within any major heading, all the boards listed beneath are in numeric order, according to the internal board number at the end of the board's URL.

      Is there also a limitation preventing the creation of a new heading for Canada separate from Internatonal? As the only country currently subdivided other than the US, it might rate its own heading. The four boards it would have is greater than the number in any of the geographical divisions of the US other than NYC metro.

      There's a nice empty spot under New England where it would fit, and if the software is afraid of adding a 13th heading, I would suggest merging the Pacific Northwest and California categories to form a West Coast category of four boards.