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Mar 16, 2007 12:45 PM

Fairway Cafe/Steakhouse - any new reports?

The last time we were there was about 3+ years ago. The steak was good, but the service was comical and bad. We didn't mind the bad service because of the good and attractively-priced steaks.

We're thinking of going again. Anybody with more recent experience to share?

Thank you.

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  1. Went there about 2 months ago. The food was good...I remember the prix-fixe being a good deal.

    I don't think that Luger's has much to worry about, but this is a good place to go to for steak on the UWS.

    Service was competent...they even brought us over a large glass of hot water to warm our infant's milk in.

    1. just got back from dinner there. continue to think the aged ribeye there is a deal at $34. wonderful texture, decent flavor, and cooked to my specifications - rare with a nice char. appetiziers of ceasar salad, iceberg with bacon and prosciutto were ok. nothing to write home about. desserts are good. i particularly liked their crepres - nice and crispy which is rare. overall, its a good fix when you crave a steak and the weather is miserable and you live 1 block away as i do. its no lugers though.

      1. Just got back from the Fairway Cafe for dinner. My husband and I both ordered the prix fixe dinner. I had the iceberg lettuce with roquefort cheese. For the dinner entree, I had the game hen and for dessert, I had cupcake. Everything was delicious!
        For the 1st course, my husband had the smoked salmon with lettuce and fingerling potatoes and string beans with bread. That was good! For the entree, he had a steak. He was disappointed with the steak because it came out tougher than was expected. We ordered it rare and it came out medium well.
        For dessert, he had the chocolate galette which is chocolate souffle.
        My daughter enjoyed that!
        My daughter had the margherita pizza. And that was good too.
        All in all, this was a pretty good place to eat. Great deal with the prix fixe menu! Get to try a little of everything at an affordable price! The only thing that was negative out of all this was the slow service. There were only 2 head waiters and a bunch of extra help on the side and they were running around like crazy making sure that everybody was satisfied! They were friendly and hardworking! I would definitely recommend this place.