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Mar 16, 2007 12:29 PM

Fresh wild mushrooms?

Went to the Studio City Farmer's Market last weekend after a long absence and was reminded of how much I missed the fresh mushroom stand.

The stand disappeared in 2005 after the mushroom ban but a quick search on the internet seemed to indicate that the ban was no longer in effect?

Are there any other markets in the area that have quality fresh mushrooms (morels, bluefeet, etc)?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. There's a great guy who goes to the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market and the Wednesday Santa Monica market. Not sure if he's always there -- but he has a great selection -- ramps too when they're in season.

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      Yeah - the mushroom guy is great. He's still around, right?

      Whole Foods occasionally has good stuff (I've seen fresh porcinis, fresh morels) - but usually the good stuff just shows up when it shows up, and leaves just as quickly. If you see ones that look good, grab them, because if you go back a few days later, they'll either be gone, or you'll be down to the bottom of the barrel.

    2. I'm thinking Whole Foods would have some

      1. By the way, depending on which kinds of mushrooms you like, Asian markets would carry fresh shitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, king mushrooms. Go to 99 Ranch.

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        1. What was the mushroom ban, btw?

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            The LA Public Health Gestapo cracked down on all the mushroom vendors at the farmers' markets. There wasn't, as I understand it, any kind of reason (no incident involving a forgotten toadstool), they just had a snit and forced all the mushroom vendors to go back to selling champignons de Paris, cremini, portobello, oyster and shiitake only.

            I understand they're there to protect us... but you know what? BACK OFF THE ****ING MUSHROOMS, CAPISCE?

          2. Are maitakes a new addition to 99? The only mushrooms I've seen at my local 99 are shiitakes, matsutakes and enoki. Oyster mushrooms on occasion. Unfortunately the Whole Foods near me has a pretty sad selection of mushrooms.

            The Studio City mushroom stand of yore had morels, bluefeet, and maitakes (mmm they make my lips tingle) in addition to porcinis, crimini, oysters and shiitakes.

            More on the mushroom ban:


            Thanks for all of the tips! I will definitely check out the Hollywood Farmer's Market and look more carefully the next time I go to 99!