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Mar 16, 2007 12:18 PM

Easter Brunch/Lunch in Montgomery County

Does anyone have suggestions for Easter Brunch or more perferably lunch in Montgomery County or in the neighboring area? It is for my family that includes 2 foodies, 2 newly married couple and 1 baby boomer. We are looking for the traditional Easter meal with ham and all the fixing.

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  1. The Radnor Hotel has a very good brunch. I don't know what they do for Easter but I would give them a call. It's right off 476 on Rt 30.

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      I went to the Radnor Easter brunch buffet a couple of years ago, and can I just say that I still have dreams about the blintzes with strawberry sauce. I think they were blintzes. Anyway, the food was great, and the room was filled with people. I believe you have to pay in advance, so you should call them up. So so so good!!

    2. The Joseph Ambler Inn in North Wales, Pa.

      The William Penn Inn Gwenedd, Pa

      1. As Mont Co is quite large, which area more specifically? Gypsy Rose is having one- it's in Collegeville, but depending on what part of Mont Co it might not be too far. I actually haven't tried the jazz brunch yet, but been wanting to.

        1. We are coming from several different from Souderton, another from Lansdale, and another from Roxborough.

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            William Penn is your best bet. They have an excellent brunch. It is very close to your Lansdale group and in the middle for your groups coming from Souderton and Roxborough.

          2. I have never been there myself, but I saw that Normandy Farms in Blue Bell seems to have a nice brunch buffet offered on Easter. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about their brunch.

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              I've never been to Normandy for brunch but I have been there for dinner and for a wedding. They also have really good food just like William Penn Inn. The two spots are only about two miles away from each other as far as travel for your family/friends.

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                A little more casual, but in the same area, is the Sumney Tavern, at Sumneytown and West Point Pikes. They have an excellent brunch every Sunday, not sure what they would do differently on Easter.