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Mar 16, 2007 12:18 PM

930 Club

anyone got suggestions for good cheap(ish) food, beer and fun within a short stint from the 930 club?

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  1. For close proximity, there's Duffy's on VT. It's within sight of the 9:30. They have typical pub grub stuff, but it's pretty good for burgers, wings, fried fish, and the like. Plus they usually have some beer specials. On U St., Stetson's has similar food and is worth a shot.

    1. Is there anywhere that serves good spicy grub nearby? I dont think I can face fried fried fried...I'll do a $8 cab ride and a $20 meal...thanks

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      1. re: aussiewonder

        Many of the Ethiopian restaurants in the nearby U St/9th St areas should fit the bill. Most of the food is not super-spicy, but some of the dishes have some kick.

        1. re: aussiewonder

          The fish and chips is damn good there though, and they have baked things, and stew of course!

          Just hit me, since you're okay with a short cab ride, how about Thai Tanic or Stoney's?

        2. If you can get the search function to work, this was a recent post. I'm sorry that I can't remember any of the recommendations.

          1. 9:30 club has moved off F street into the old WUST music hall, right? If so, Pyramid (6th and Florida) is close and, from all accounts, excellent.

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              Yes, 930 is long of F street and is at like 12th and V right now.

              1. re: jpschust

                9:30 is closer to 9th and V--address is 815 V Street NW (for at least ten years now).

                1. re: gina

                  Thats right- sorry was doing the address off the top of my head :)

                  1. re: gina

                    Guess I've dated myself...oh well.

                    1. re: Lowbar

                      Ha ha, I'm old too--how else would I know about it. ;)

              2. I like the Saloon on U Street for good beer. I have not tried the food, but would expect it to be at least servicable.


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                1. re: dcs

                  i would definitely not recommend the saloon for food. great bar, great beer selection, horrific, right-out-of-the-freezer grub.