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Sunday Brunch Charleston for Timid Daughter

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Looking for up to date recommendations on Sunday brunch in April -- taking DD to theatre matinee on Dock Street -- and need someplace "not yukky" for brunch in vicinity. She loves SNOB (no brunch there though), tolerates High Cotton (but didn't cotton up to their brunch menu), enjoys Mustard Seed and Boulevard Diner to give you an idea of her palate adventure level. Hominy Grill is too far away I think. Any suggestions? I, of course, love odd things.

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  1. I'm not sure exactly if it's in the vicinity, but Tristan is supposed to have a nice brunch, we're going down for spoletto and have made reservations. Havn't actually eaten there so I don't know. I have been to 39 Rue de Jean and everytime it's been good. It's your basic french, but you can go to their website and they have a menu, I know they have brunch. Poogan's Porch is supposed to have a good brunch.

    1. My standing brunch rec for downtown is Tristan. You can order off either their brunch or standard lunch menu, which means you have a LOT of options. And the quality of their food is always top notch.

      1. Terrific suggestions -- never thought of Tristan's where I haven't been. Both menus have been forwarded to DD, so hopefully she will find something she likes. I naturally found plenty that I wanted to try!

        1. The Mills House, a block away, has a great kid friendly brunch and the Barbadoes Room is very comfortable.

          1. In my way-long-ago youth, I managed the Barbadoes Room! I well remember spending Sundays facilitating brunch.

            Fond memories of a lovely space in a gorgeous city. I'd be so happy to hear an update on the place.

            1. We had our wedding reception in the Barbadoes Room and the courtyard. One of the nicer spaces in Charleston -- and it flies under everyone's radar. The food is consistently good as well.

              One other brunch suggestion -- Saffron's. They have a great buffet our kids love. Unpretentious place, with lots of good food.

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                Sooo late with this, but here's a report on brunch at Tristan's:

                Sleek interior, not crowded and reservations would not have been needed at 1 p.m.. Live music. Tables very tight together. Tasty but weak Bloody Mary, very nice Bellini.

                Had Crabcake Benedict; very little if any filler, tasted clean and fresh and plenty of it. English muffin needed to be toasted a bit, and potatoes (requested crispy) were no more crispy than normal (or not crispy enough). A bit skimpy on the excellent Hollandaise, but efficient waitress cheerfully brought more.

                Lovely basket of small muffins. No butter.

                Daughter had stuffed French toast, bigger than your plate, no kidding! At least 6" high and enough for her, for me, and for dessert to bring home to the two that didn't get to go. Opulent. She loved it, plenty of bananas and cream cheese; I would have liked it a bit more like French toast crunch as contrast and less like large room temp brioche pillow.

                $45 with drinks, tax and tip (DD is bartender, so have to tip generously or she says it's bad karma) -- server deserved it though.

                Next outing, we'll try the Barbadoes Room.