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Culver City

I am going to the Bill and Bob Play at Veterans Auditorium in Culver City any suggestions for good eats besides Versailles

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  1. Sushi Zo is always a great choice :)

    1. There are tons of places to eat in Culver City. Maybe you can specify food type/price range?

        1. Without knowing what price range are you looking for, I recommend Beacon.

          1. Natalee Thai on Venice and Clarington is pretty tasty, although crowded at times. There's also a pretty good sushi restaurant called Yokohama located in the Culver Center(this is about 3 blocks from the auditorium)

            1. Cafe Laurent is right down the street on Overland. Not sure what time of day but atmosphere (and maybe hours?) is more of a breakfast / lunch place.

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                I think you're right - I often drive by there around 4-6PM and they've already wrapped it up... But I hear they have great food.

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                  I love Wilson's. They have a nice patio for dining outside. On Venice Blvd., a few blocks west of Overland, is Bamboo. Caribbean food in a nice environment. There is also Cucina Paradisio, on Motor Avenue. Very good Italian restaurant that also has a separate bar/lounge (with a bar type of menu).

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                    Cafe Laurent is open Tues. to Sun. from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

                2. Right across from Beacon (at Washington and Helms) we like La Dijonaise. Good bistro food at reasonable prices...boffo desserts.

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                      I third Wilson's, and will throw in Bistro de l'Hermitage (cute outdoor cafe on Culver downtown, wonderful halibut in a buerre blanc and very good not too sweet, perfect chocolate souffle... that you have to order when you sit down for it to be ready for dessert). Low key place.

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                      i second La Dijonaise! great dijon chicken.

                      also, terrific croissants (both plain + chocolate) in the AM. but get there early...they usually sell out. however, you can call in ahead of time and reserve your pastry order. just tell them what you want, give your name + the time you'll be in.

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                        Will third La Dijonaise (for dinner)... the rabbit's great.

                    3. All I know is that if I were going to Culver City these days, I'd want to check out Fraiche.

                      Unless, of course, I was in the mood for Sushi Zo or Thai Boom.