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Mar 16, 2007 11:15 AM

chichen itza really great stuff

so went here for lunch, open only 3 months or so. and sadly never tried the old location in the Mercado La Paloma at Figuera and 53rd, near usc.

anyways, real nice surroundings.

ordered up some of the habanero salsa. wow, pretty darn flavorul tasty as hell, and the hotness sneaks up on you like a sandstorm. and then you go back for more. Hot as hell, addictive as hell.

the fish dish here with the achiote paste, sauteeed and with garlic tomato achiote sour orange sauce is excellent. this dish would run you at least 30 a piece at a westside hotspot. so it goes without saying the prices here are really reasonable.

the jicama and orange salad is just the perfect antidote to the hotness of the habanero salsa.

next time i'll definitely go for the Grillled habaneros with lemon.

for dessert, flan, which was good not great. a couple of cokes and waters to wash it all down. next time aguas frescas.

2501 6th Street, bottom of a remodeled classic hotel.

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  1. I'm usually critical of "upscale Mexican" places (even though the food here is from a different region of Mexico) but I was pleasantly surprised when I went here a month or so ago. I had the baby back ribs simmered with pumpkin green mole or something and it was tasty! The meat was tender and falling off of the bones. Their salsa was good and had a smokey or charred taste to it.

    When I was there, for some reason they didn't have a separate vegetarian menu. I can't remember if they don't have one period, or they didn't have one yet because they just opened. Either way, there were a few vegan dishes, which the BF ordered. The tamales (under appetizers) were good. He ordered something else with plantain chips on the plate but the chips were kind of dry and tasteless.

    I also had a horchata which I liked, but other people may not -- it was pretty thin and un-cinnamony.

    1. I also tried the fish dsh with the achiote sauce, it was very good, the jicama and orange salad was so good and refreshing.

      1. Forgot to add: yes habanero sauce is very addictive.
        My daughter and I didn't like their horchata, but my husband did!
        I am also sharing a pic. of the fish dish we ate there.