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Mar 16, 2007 11:06 AM

Miami's best Arroz con Pollo ?

We're visiting for 3 days in April, and would like your suggestions for your favorite...
And, perhaps, the other dishes you like to get there to complement the arroz?

A traditional version would be great. Cuban or any other cuisine (except perhaps Mexican, because I can get that at home.)

It can be from a sit-down restaurant, or take-out.
(If it's from a place like Blue Sky, please let me know which branch.)

Have a car, so we're able to drive a little ways out of the city, too.

Thanks for your help, hounds!

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  1. Hi, just checking to see if anyone has any recommendations for this post. ;) Thanks! -R-

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    1. re: R from SF

      There are hoardes of great cuban joints down here R, none are the un or official king of Arroz con Pollo, in fact that's kind of a blazee dish and very ordinary. I would think any of the good Cuban places mentioned on this board would do a nice one. I, rarely, if ever order that dish, so I can't really steer you beyond the tried and true Cubano joints that seem to dot this county of Dade. Versailles, Larios, Havana Harry's and Las Culebrinas all must serve it. Should you be looking for an upscale Spanish version go to Casa Juancho on Calle Ocho aka SW 8th St in Little Havana. I am not even sure they have it, but their Paella is awesome! One of their Paellas has Chicken and Seafood.

      Other Cuban dishes worthy of consideration are: Boliche, Vaca Frita, Ropa Vieja, Palomilla, Bistec Milanesa, Rabo Enscendido (Beef Dishes) Pollo Asado, Pollo ala Plancha, Pollo Milanesa are all standard Poultry dishes. I usually steer away from Seafood, unless that's their specialty ala Garcia's.

      Buen Provecho!

      1. re: netmover

        Thanks again, netmover; I always pay special attention to your great recommendations!

        For Arroz con Pollo, then, I will then order it from one of the restaurants I'll be visiting; probably Larios or Havana Harry's (since we'd been to Versailles and Las Culebrinas on our previous visit). I think even if the Cuban arroz con pollo is ordinary, at least we get to taste the more authentic versions. (Authentic Cuban is hard to come by in the SF bay area.)

        Casa Juancho: Has been on my radar on my previous visits. I had planned to visit this time -- including (or perhaps especially for) the paella. But, we greatly expanded our trip -- to now include, after Miami, 2+ weeks in Spain -- so instead we're opting for Spanish restaurants there! We'll put Casa Juancho on for the visit after this one.

        Much appreciated for your recommendations of Cuban dishes to consider in Miami. I'll specifically note these on my list! -R-

        1. re: R from SF

          I was going to recommend Lario's for arroz con pollo. It's a special so make sure you go on a day when it's on the menu. It's hit and miss though, sometimes soupy, sometimes dry. It's a nice restaurant though regardless. There's also this place that opened in Coral Gables that has a dish called "arroz con pollo my way". Don't know how his way is, but it's differnent. Here's a link to the blurb in the Miami Herald.

          1. re: lax2mia

            Thanks again lax2mia! I'm checking my list/schedule and I realized that I'm planning to eat at Casa Lario's* for breakfast** before we head west for a mini road trip, but the schedule isn't set in stone. We'd have an opportunity to check for the special offered later that day or the next.

            Thanks for the info on Cohiba Brasserie; the preparation sounds good. His interpretation might be a less traditional version, which we might veer away from on this trip (we're sampling more traditional versions because we want to get those flavors imprinted in our memories, first!):
            MY WAY "ARROZ CON POLLO"
            Grilled Chicken Breast served over Saffron Risotto, topped with Tostones

            * I've been presuming that this is the one, rather than Lario's on the Beach, which is not on my list.
            ** I need to post my list soon so you and the other great hounds there can double-check my picks!

            1. re: R from SF

              In reference to
              "** I need to post my list soon so you and the other great hounds there can double-check my picks!" ---

              I posted the schedule & list of choices:

              "3+ days in Miami - Mostly Latin American chowing -- Please critique my picks (Long)"