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Mar 16, 2007 11:06 AM

Good cheap eats near The Met

I'll be spending the day at The Met in April and wanted to know what great cheap eats would be within short walking distance from there. No reservations, no fancy white napkins and tablecloths. Something quick, easy, cheap but a place that the locals love. (Not TOO dingy, please.)

BTW, what's the weather like in early April in NYC? Thanks.

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  1. The area around the Met (82nd and 5th) is almost a no man's land for what you are looking for. It is mostly upscale residential with places for lady's who lunch. For something really unique and memorable try the Viennese coffee house at the Neue Galerie (86th and 5th) Café Sabarsky. There is also a Le Pain Quotidien on 84th and Madison. There are several locations in the city but it is good food, fairly reasonable, and the locals love it. Both places have websites if you need more info.

    Weather in April will be very "springy", temps in the 60s, were pants and layers on top.

    1. Inside the Met, there is a huge cafeteria in the basement with a variety of hot and cold stations. I haven't tried it. There is also the Petrie Court Cafe, where we have had lunch. Excellent food, very good service, and a huge, very pleasant space with a lovely view of Central Park Not inexpensive though not exhorbitant.

      Cafe Sabarsky, which adido mentioned, serves delicious Austrian cuisine via Chef Kurt Gutenbruner, of Wallse, in a gorgeous dining room. But it is not inexpensive.

      There's a Sarabeth's in the Whitney Museum, a few blocks from the Met, on Madison & 75th. Not sure whether you can go there without paying admission to the museum. But if the menu and prices appeal to you, you could call and ask.

      Beyoglu, further east on 3rd, corner 81st., is a Turkish restaurant with a menu that emphasizes tasty mezzes. Among the limited main courses is a very good doner kebab. You can see the menu and prices on menupages.

      1. Lexington Avenue Candy Shop, around 81st and Lexington.

        It's diner food, but the place has been there forever, and the malts are FANTASTIC! Very Old-New-Yorky.

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          I've been wanting try the Candy Shop for years, and finally had the opportunity to. It was disappointing. The decor and scenery is indeed a throwback to a Candy Shop, but the prices for burgers and simple sandwiches are completely modern, yet pricing is not ay all commensurate with quality. Service is harried and spacy. I wish this place was better.