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Mar 16, 2007 11:00 AM

Toronto Airport Layover Help

I have a five hour layover at the Toronto airport next week - from about 2 to 7 PM. I'll have to deal with customs and then be back well in time for the 7 PM international flight, and I'll have my wife and two kids. Given those restrictions, is there a nice restaurant that serves a mid-day meal anywhere in that vicinity? Ideally, we'd take a cab to the restaurant, eat, and jump in a cab back . . .

How far is the airport from downtown?


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  1. Don't even try to come downtown. The traffic will destroy you if customs doesn't. I have no clue what's around the airport but thats your best bet by far.

    1. You can get as far as Islington and Bloor without stessing yourself: from Islington all the way over to Prince Edward is just one long line of restaurants.What do you want to eat: Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai? or are the kids little enought that you need Swiss Chalet?

      1. I'm not familiar with the area, but if you do a search on "airport" (for example) you will find some previous threads. Your geographic limits will depend on how early you like to arrive for international flights (they do suggest 3 hours, which would leave you with 2 hours to get off the plane, clear customs, travel to restaurant, eat and travel back). I agree downtown is out of the question.

        1. Just along Dixon road are several places that would work well for a family. At Attwell there is an Outback and a Milestones on the south side and on the north side is a Le Bifteque and a Boston Pizza. Just further east in a little plaza near the Toronto Congress Centre is a Kelsey's and Swiss Chalet. There is also a great Japanese place (can't remember the name) in the same plaza, if you are inclined to that.

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            Not that I'm condoning eating at Swiss Chalet, but if you want to eat at Swiss Chalet, there's one in Terminal 3, so you could do that without ever leaving the airport--though you might have to take a shuttle to get there.

          2. There is a high end chinese restaurant in doubletree international plaza hotel on dixon road. This is a nice place to relax before a long haul flight plus the food is considered to be very Hong kong authentic.