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Mar 16, 2007 10:55 AM

The Cobbler Lady

Had the Peach & Blackberry the other day, GREAT ! ! ! Not to sweet and the crust was very good. Tried the Red Velvet Cake also, really tasty, frosting a bit sweet for me. They also do sugar free cobblers on certain days of the week, call ahead.This is my new go to place.

3854 Crenshaw Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008-1821
Phone: 323-298-2144

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  1. Hey BB,

    is this new or one of the joints that's big there for years, do you have a cross street. maybe will get my phillip's or chef marilyn's fix and then stop by.

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    1. re: kevin

      It is in something called The Crenshaw Plaza, been aroun for 20 years, this location for 5 years. it is 6 to 8 blocks from Phiilips in Leimert Park or maybe 15 blocks from the Adams location. I loved it and the young lady who waited on me was great, some of the best service anywhere, so friendly and welcomming.

      1. Yes, the sugar free stuff is really good. As posted previously I believe its made 3 days a week--different flavors on different days, but sometimes they have refrigerated leftovers on the other days.

        1. Cherry on the weekends!

          1. Had the cherry today, and I am not a cherry fan, GREAT !, nothing I have had is too sweet, these guys are doing it right! Found out that the sugar free and the big trays, except peach, need to be ordered in person.

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            1. re: Burger Boy

              Hello, Burger Boy! We were also there earlier today...I agree -- GREAT!!!

              We shared a small blackberry cobbler. Before tasting, we agreed to eat half and wrap the remainder for tomorrow...but that didn't happen! One taste and the rest disappeared...I just don't know what happened!

              So, we purchased a medium-sized cherry to take home; we thought the cherry must be special because they make it only on weekends and all of the small-sized servings were already sold. In fact, I bought the last medium-sized one they had, and it was still early in the day.

              The two ladies running the store were very friendly, and I am happy to tell the world that this is a terrific Chowhound find! By the way, parking in front is very easy.

              1. re: liu

                I got the last small cherry at around 11-11:15

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  I'm glad it was a fellow 'Hound! You must have been there just before we arrived. We were coming from Elite (formerly New Concept) dim sum and just stopped by to take one home because, of course, we were very full from dim sum. delicious!