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Mar 16, 2007 10:41 AM

why so difficult- moderate fun dining on a Sat night

Anywhere in DC, any cuisine, exotic or not... I'm racking my brain here. What's your favorites? Something less "fancy" and "business dinner" like than say TenPehn or DC Coast but not seedy hole-in-the wall. Why no "normal" restaurants that make you feel like you're having a nice night out with adults but won't break the bank? Something along the lines of Bistro du Coin but I've gotten fed up with inconsistency and service there.

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    1. belga cafe, if you like bistro du coin....

      1. Dino
        Cafe Montemartre
        Carlyle Grand (Shirlington)
        a la Lucia (Old Town)

            1. re: jaydreb

              I love Rasika, but I'd hardly call it moderate. It's quite fancy and expensive. I'd add Evening Star and Vermillion in Alexandria.

              1. re: BrianD

                I'd hardly call it good either. :)

                1. re: jpschust

                  Nobody ever looks like they're having fun at Rasika either.