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Mar 16, 2007 10:13 AM

What would you do if...

...the restaurant reservations you've had for a while (the kinds that ask you to call 2 months in advance) are in jeopardy because of flight cancellations due to weather?

Do you

a) try to get in later at all costs, red-eye, or the next day (no guarantee you'll get a flight then, either
c) fly to another city close enough - you'll eventually get there, you hope
b) get the full refund/travel credit and try to reserve again some other time (d i s a p p o i n t m e n t...)

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  1. I would cancel and try again in warmer weather.

    1. I would try again some other time. The mood I would be in by the time I finally managed to make it to the restaurant would substantially detract from the experience for me.

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          Or be just the thing to right the ship sorta speak.


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          1. goodness, are you flying simply to eat someplace? if i positively had to fly, i'd be so stressed from the delays and nonsense, i'd be happy with a bag of nuts from the mini bar and a hot bath.

            could always call the place and explain the deal, and see if they could squeeze you in the next day.

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