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Mar 16, 2007 10:11 AM

best bets for vegetarian omnivore couple

What do people recommend for a vegetarian and an omnivore vacationing in Boston? We like especially like Chinese, Ethipoian, Indian, Italian, French; mostly casual/inexpensive, but we also like to splurge once a trip. Transportation wise we try not to drive once we reach Boston, but we are willing to walk long distances.

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  1. EAST COAST GRILL!!!!! Located in Inman Sq, in Cambridge, this classic Boston/American restaurant serves serves local seafood and bbq'd meats. They also have an amazing, massive veg plate with all of their sides. The staff is also very knowledgeable about the ingredients in their dishes. Did I mention the great margaritas?

    1. I agree with ECG, though Breadpuddin didn't say where he'll be staying. Anoher couple of places that veggie hubby and I haven't had trouble with omnivore companions are the Helmand and Oleana, both excellent, interesting food and plenty of veggie options.

      1. Is the vegetarian a strict vegetarian? I'd head to Chinatown, probably Taiwan Cafe. Here are some recs for dishes. Lots of people here rave about the eggplant dish. The chinese watercress is good too. Others might chime in on other vegetarian dishes.

        1. As the veg 1/2 of one of those same couplings, I would recommend Addis Red Sea in the South End for Ethiopian. You can get a 'combo' with meat items on 1/2 the tray & veggies on the other. Or even full-on veggies - the lentils, etc are really filling, even for the meat eaters... Pretty good food, and a casual, fun place. Not too expensive, especially considering the neighborhood.
          We have also had a great meal at Red Fez, also in the South End. There are varying opinions on this board about it, but I think the management is new & so our experience about a month ago was perfect. Middle Eastern/Med, lots of hot & cold mezze... Fair pricing.

          1. I'd strongly recommend Oleana - great food and they do a pretty interesting multi-course vegetarian tasting menu. It's also fairly casual but still "nice" - probably right up your alley.