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Mar 16, 2007 10:07 AM

Using phyllo dough vs. puff pastry

I usually make sausage rolls with puff pastry by rolling the cooked sausage in the puff pastry, sealing, and baking. How different would this be if I used phyllo dough instead? Someone left me with a package of the phyllo and I don't feel like going out in the snow to buy the puff pastry. I rarely delve into pastries, so pardon my ignorance on the subject!

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  1. very different. The puff dough u work with as a sheet. The phylo dough must be seperated and brushed with fat to create the layers. It would probably taste good if u reserved some of the sausage drippings and then brushed the phylo layers with the fat. I'd guess you would need 8 or 10 layers but its been awhile - I would look at a recipe for something else and see how many layers are used.
    End reult you may even like the Phyllo as much or more. It is harder to work with. Make sure you prevent it from drying out while you work with it. ( damp kitchen towel drape

    1. What else is in the fridge? Phyllo is super versatile, I just don't see it with the sausage.

      1. Here's a recipe for phyllo sausage rolls (found by search for 'phyllo sausage')

        1. If these are meant to be "bite sized" for finger food, I think the phyllo could work very well - if it's something larger and meant to be sliced, like beef Wellington with sausage or something calzone-like, no.