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Mar 16, 2007 09:44 AM

the search for: nachos & authentic QUESO!

anyone know where to find this?

I'm looking for real queso (preferably the spicier variety) of really gooey liquidy melted goodness...... not just some shredded monterrey or cheddar thrown over some chips. I'm talking REAL queso.

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  1. Tortilla Flats actually has excellent queso, though the rest of the mexican food there is mediocre (12th and Washington). Qdoba, a chain sort of like Chipotle that just opened a location in NYC also has a good version (34th between 2nd and 3rd). T

    I would try the "Find a Food" search on Menupages to find other places that have it.

    1. Can you define "authentic queso"? Isn't queso just Spanish for cheese?

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        Queso is a mix of melted cheeses and hot sauce (or Rotel tomatoes) served in a bowl with a basket of chips. Think of it as the Tex-Mex version of fondue. In Texas, it is the standard by which all Mexican food restaurants are judged and can be put on anything from scrambled eggs to tacos. It is also a requisite sports-watching snack.

        1. re: adewaal

          Huh. I thought that was called chile con queso. Is there a difference?

          1. re: small h

            Same Texas most poeple just call is "queso". The "chili con" is implied.

              1. re: LFeinberg

                Yeah - the secret trick is to use Velveeta and hot Rotel diced - hear, hear adewaal. One guy I know puts breakfast sausage in it - makes for some tasty eating if it doesn't give you a kick in the guts.

                Another good trick is to use a couple dozen healthy splashes of cheap mystery hot sauces - the kind you find on taco trucks.

      2. Trailer Park on 23rd and 8th has nachos with "queso"...but judging by the theme of the place my guess is it's melted velveeta. It's addictive when you're chasing with a few PBRs, but not "good" by any definition.

        1. My favorite nachos are at Ariba Ariba in Hells Kitchen. The nachos are prepared as follows:
          a single layer of flat tortilla chips is placed on a plate. then, a dallop of cheese, a marinated jalopeno and finally a generous amount of cheese (not chedder, not jack, and i don't think Oaxaca, but delicious and appropriate) is placed on each tortilla and into the broiler they go until they are each bubbly and nicely browned. you can order it with beans, chicken, or beef of course but the plain is too good for me to spoil with more flavor. the best i have every had in the city. i think they have the best margaritas too....fresher than others. i have never noticed queso on the menu.

          1. Hi there! I share and feel your pain! Are you from Texas, by chance? I am. Anyways...try ordering the queso flameado at La Palapa with rajas. It's pretty damn good! I hear that Qdoba has queso too...I'd give that a shot, too.