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$1000 pizza

Hi, I searched the site but nothing came up. I heard about a caviar pizza in NY and was wondering if anyone has tried it or plans to. I'm sure there's a discussion out there. Sorry to bother you, but could you direct me? Thanks :)

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  1. I haven't seen it on this board, but there was a taste test on NYMag's restaurant blog this week.

    1. I saw it on CNN yesterday. It is loaded with caviar and does go for $1,000 a pizza. It looked good enough, but I'd have to do some serious soul-searching to plunk down that much money for a pie, (if I had it to plunk down). Bo Dietle was the lucky one to be able to try a slice on camera.

      1. Here ya go:


        There's a video there with instructions of sorts if you feel like re-creating at home.

        1. NY Mag taste test says its a glorified bagel, lox and a schmear...

          1. never had it, but it looks cheap and unsophisticated. if i were to shell out 1k for a pizza, i'd like it to look at least somewhat appealing.

            1. I frankly find it somewhat distasteful.....if you will excuse the pun.

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                I agree: really, the concoction just sounded foul to me.

              2. I don't think Nino's restaurants are highly regarded on this board. I assume it's a publicity stunt. Hey, he should price it at a million dollars and if he sold just one he could retire.

                There are people on this board who would pay a thousand dollars for a DiFara's pizza if that were the only way they could get it, and consider it money well spent.

                1. "A twelve inch pie, topped with creme fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, four ounces of thinly sliced Maine lobster tail, salmon roe, and a little bit of spice with wasabi."

                  What a waste of good caviar!!

                  1. I happened to see Nino with his silly $1000 pizza on the Today Show a few days ago. It looked awful, and when Matt Lauer and Al Roker tasted it, their facial reactions were less than positive. They were being very polite by not saying anything while they tasted the limp-looking mess. I think Matt Lauer said it was "interesting." Let's face it, the whole notion of cavier on top of lobster on top of creme fraiche on top of who-knows-what is just gross. Why don't they just pour a bottle of Dom Perignon all over it and get it over with?

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                      Or you could just eat a thousand dollar bill.

                      1. I agree with Brian S. If I want to spend $1000 on amazing caviar, which is unlikely but not totally improbable depending on the occasion, I would just buy the caviar. Since the ban was lifted earlier this year, prices are anticipated to drastically drop by August, so I am wondering if it is soon to be the $459.99 pizza...

                        1. The morning show and this joker deserve each other. I loved watching this. I wish more news stories ended with the reporters having to put the content in their mouths.

                          Who is interested/surprised/impressed by a joker who makes a $1000 pizza to make a $1000 pizza- what's next, a $10,000 pizza?

                          The appropriate presentation of all those ingredients is in a toilet.

                          1. Sounds like a train wreck pizza. A big ol' blini topped with caviar. Gee, why dont they just up it and stuff some truffles in the crust.

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                              A truffle-laden crust actually sounds good though...

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                                nino can't think of everything....or can he?

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                                  i'll send him my consulting fees. Plus add on some shavings of white truffle to blend with the creme fraiche on top.

                            2. "The morning show and this joker deserve each other."

                              That does kinda say it all right there in a nutshell, doesn't it. ;)

                              1. here's a story about the world's most expensive pizza--priced at 2150 GBP

                                "The treat named the Pizza Royale 007 is topped with edible gold, lobster marinated in the finest cognac and champagne-soaked caviar."

                                the proceeds were donated to charity, so the consicuous consumption was intended to go to a good cause:

                                1. I hope some awful tragedy befalls the place foisting this silliness on the public. So they succeeded in getting press, let's see if people don't make a mental note to avoid such a rip joint.

                                  1. The owner of this restaurant has had poor judgement for years. He spends tons of money on tourist advertising, and every ad features his face. I'm sorry, how will that make people want to go to his restaurant? Perhaps since that hasn't worked, last year he began the gimmick routine, first with his "free bottled water" deal that I think ran as a full page in the Times, and now this pizza (which I also saw on Today and Al or Matt said "that's a lot of caviar.") Anyway the only reason I've noticed this guy is because for years I was placing restaurant ads myself, and every time I saw another ad with him in it I cringed.