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Mar 16, 2007 09:39 AM

$1000 pizza

Hi, I searched the site but nothing came up. I heard about a caviar pizza in NY and was wondering if anyone has tried it or plans to. I'm sure there's a discussion out there. Sorry to bother you, but could you direct me? Thanks :)

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  1. I haven't seen it on this board, but there was a taste test on NYMag's restaurant blog this week.

    1. I saw it on CNN yesterday. It is loaded with caviar and does go for $1,000 a pizza. It looked good enough, but I'd have to do some serious soul-searching to plunk down that much money for a pie, (if I had it to plunk down). Bo Dietle was the lucky one to be able to try a slice on camera.

      1. Here ya go:

        There's a video there with instructions of sorts if you feel like re-creating at home.

        1. NY Mag taste test says its a glorified bagel, lox and a schmear...

          1. never had it, but it looks cheap and unsophisticated. if i were to shell out 1k for a pizza, i'd like it to look at least somewhat appealing.