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Mar 16, 2007 09:23 AM

Pareve frosting needed

Does anyone have a reliable recipe for pareve frosting, preferably white? I have limited kosher resources in this area and may not be able to get ahold of pareve margarine. I need enough to cover a two-layer 9 x 13 cake and will be working in a shul kitchen with extremely limited equipment and supplies. I wouldn't even be averse to using a store-bought version (anathema in my home) but they all seem to be OUD.


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  1. Rockycat, you might have more luck posting this on the Kosher board, or perhaps leaving it here but better defining what is and is not allowed to be included in the frosting in order to keep it Pareve. I'll bet a lot of us here have icings that fit the bill, but don't realize it because we simply aren't aware what is required to keep the frosting Pareve. Good luck!

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    1. re: Laura D.

      Pareve means no dairy or meat (eggs okay). For frosting really means non-dairy.

    2. I've never actually made it myself and wouldn't know a good recipe from bad, but this sounds like an ideal spot for "Seven Minute Frosting" - it's sort of a cross between a soft meringue and marshmallow - it only has egg whites, sugar and a couple of other things, but no fat at all. It does ideally need a double boiler, but you can work around that - one nice thing is it's perfectly "real" as is, you don't have to deal with faux and not-quite-reasonable substitutes.

      1. Hello Rockycat,

        I posted one that I adapted here:

        I use it all the time. It's pareve and pure white (if you use the clear vanilla) or pretty darn white (if you use normal brown vanilla). It uses vegetable shortening, which should be available everywhere in the U.S.

        If you follow this procedure, all that gets dirty is a liquid measuring cup, a teaspoon measure and the mixer:

        All the best,

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        1. re: clkl

          Hi clkl,

          I saw the recipe that you posted for the frosting. How much vanilla extract do you use?


          1. re: buck5757

            I use 1-2 tablespoons of extracts. Sometimes I use vanilla, sometimes almond extract, sometimes a combination of both. (We get a lot of kids who are allergic to nuts, so I omit the almond extract and soy milk when they are expected.)

        2. The original comment has been removed