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Chef of India at 30 Eglinton Ave. East

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I walk by here often and would like to try it. Anyone been here or tried the buffet?

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  1. Davwud could help us on this one...

    1. Good selection, not dumbed down for us pale folk.

      1. After reading all the great post on this site about their buffet, I was finally able to try it out back in November. I thought it was great. I was in love with the butter chicken, probably the best I have ever had. Although I should add that I have only eaten indian food about 10 times, but from 10 different places.

        I recommend that you do a search on here and find the other reviews. I haven't tried them for dinner, but my understanding is that the lunch buffet is better then the dinner a la carte.

        1. Definitely one of the better buffets in town and the staff are very friendly.

          1. Been there 4 times since April 2006. All for their lunch buffet. Never tried their menu items nor dinner. I will have to say the butter chicken is great. Everything else is above average, but not outstanding. Staffs are friendly, service was decent. If you are looking for a place with huge selection then this is not for you. I think they only have 4 kinds of curry, and a total of around 30 items at most (including dessert and appetitizers). It is one of those restaurants that I will go whenever I have a chance to, even if it is slightly out of my way.

            P.S. This maybe out of the topic but there is a public parking lot right beside it at a cheap rate, doesn't have a lot of spot (max 10), but if you are going at lunch time you will find a spot.

            1. I've never had the buffet at Chef of India, but it's my favourite Indian place for take out-and delivery. The butter chicken, as camp1980 mentioned, is one of the best I've had, as well - it's very smooth and not overly tomatoey or sweet, as others often tend to be.

              The eggplant bhartha is excellent, as is the aloo gobi, lamb khorma, lamb vindaloo, etc. Actually, I've never ordered anything that I've disliked (and I'm not terribly easy to please, food-wise).

              The staff has always been very friendly and welcoming, whether on the phone or in person.

              1. My wife and I have been to this restuarant several times (both lunch and dinner). I would highly recommend the lunch buffet because of the price ($10) - more bang for the buck.

                Dinner at the restuarant is very good as well due to their attentive, friendly, and knowledgable staff: however, the price is a little steep considering the menu is practically the same as their buffet. Try the Kashmir, which is around the corner from the Chef of India, to get a comparison of the quality and price of Indian cuisine in the area.

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                  Pingster, I've never been to Kashmir. How is the food there? I tend to ignore pricing when it comes to good, authentically prepared food.

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                    Kashmir closed some time ago, didn't it?