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Mar 16, 2007 09:10 AM

New Chinese restaurant, Clayton, MO

A new Chinese restaurant has opened in Clayton called Best Chinese. Would really like to get a take on it from some of you Chowhounds. I'm looking for a good Chinese restaurant nearby. Thanks!

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  1. Marymac,
    I have not heard about or seen Best Chinese. Do you know where it is located?

    House of Wong, at 46 North Central (S.E. corner at Maryland), 314-726-6291, is very good.
    It can get a bit crazy at lunch hour, but the food is always freshly cooked and well spiced. There are also Thai items on the menu, as well as a nice vegetarian selection.
    Enjoy, p.j.

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    1. re: p.j.

      Best Chinese just had its grand opening March 12. It is located at 7923 Forsyth Blvd. I'm really curious about what folks think of it.

      1. re: marymac

        Ah, the space that Rasoi vacated. I will try to check it out later this week.

        1. re: p.j.

          That would be great, P.J., thanks!

    2. I actually went there last night thinking that Rasoi was still there. Although I was mistaken, the food was decent. My friend had the pot-stickers which were nicely browned on the bottom, and well flavored. My meal of shrimp and beef with a bunch of vegetables had good flavoring and quality meats, but what surprised me was the time it took after ordering for the food to appear--I don't know if they are still ironing out the kinks, were hesitant about cooking too much, or are focused on cooking things only when they need to be cooked. A large portion of their dishes had shimp if that is any indication of quality. I do know that they pride themselves on using only vegetable oil and no MSG.

      If you are looking for good authentic Chinese (Best Chinese did have a somewhat limited menu with mostly american style Chinese food--as far as I could tell) I would direct you towards Olive where there are a bunch of well reviewed places (though I don't remember their names). Hope that helped.