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Mar 16, 2007 09:08 AM

Japanese Steakhouse Recs in Charlotte?

Searched the old posts, but didn't find anything recent about this. I haven't had any hibachi since I moved to NC. What are the best Benihana-type places in the metro area? I prefer to stay East of 77 unless it's really good. Has anyone been to Tsunami at Concord Mills?

I will add that Tin Tin Box and Noodles across the performing arts center uptown is great for lunch.

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  1. Just went to Tsunami last weekend. So-so. Our chef was Mexican (yes actually from Mexico, I'm not being racist) and kinda new .. overcooked the chicken for hibachi chicken. The steak was good though - not overcooked. The food was tasty and seemed fresh, but I was disappointed in the service.

    We asked for miso soup instead of the standard onion soup appetizer they bring and it was just awful. The broth was obviously chicken instead of dashi, and it really ruined the dish. We sent it back. The onion soup was OK though.

    Also, our waitress told us we could not get the unagi donburi (it USED to be on the menu) because the restaurant wasn't making it anymore due to the clientele. Seems like most everyone there goes for the hibachi. (But still, the restaurant had eel, and rice, so they could have made it for us - they just didn't want to bother.)

    Other choices are Nakato near Tryon & Harris and Kabuto on University City blvd behind the Harris Teeter (near UNCC).

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      Thanks nurit. Your review seems consistent with other mumblings I've heard of Tsunami. I think I'll probably give one of the others a try next time I'm heading out for hibachi since I just try to avoid Concord Mills whenever possible.