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Mar 16, 2007 08:47 AM

Favorite Phoenix Food bargains

for me? the $2 pork sandwhiches at davangs. lots of fresh carrots and cilantro, big pieces of pork, the crispiest in contant fear that they are going to catch on to how cheap they are and one day they'll suddenly be 5 bucks ;)

anyone else have a favorite food bargain??

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  1. I haven't had the bahn mi at Da Vang's, but I used to get them for $2 at a place back in Dallas. You can't beat them for the taste or what you get.
    I think I'd call Welcome Diner a bargain. For about $7, you can get a great hot dog, homemade, fresh cut fries, and a soda done right. If you start adding fancy sauces and toppings it can mount up fast, but if you stick with the basics, it's a pretty good deal.
    Dim sum can also be a pretty good bargain. The bill never seems as high as it should be.

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      i haven't had the hotdog at welcome the fries tho...mmmm

      did you know they show movies outside in the spring? cool!!!

    2. 1. Almost any pita sandwich at Haji Baba in Tempe. The sandwiches are generally just two or three dollars but make for a filling meal.

      2. Pupusas at Eliana's. They're two dollars each, but I can enjoy a light lunch composed of one pupusa with the accompanying cabbage and a side of rice.

      1. Blue Coyote Grill @ Casino Arizona (Indian Bend) for Asian specialties is a Bargain. W/ no tax being charged and full entrees starting @ is a true deal.....
        Add a diet coke for 50 cents (free refills)..
        We love the War Won Ton soup, the crispy duck breast, the asian spice rubbed pork ribs, the cashew chicken, the shrimp and lobster sauce......
        Can't wait to go back to try more.....
        They offer a full breakfast menu 24 hours!

        1. Carusotti's is a pizza by the slice place on the North side of Tatum. Way better than the places like NYPD and Slices that get great reviews. 2-3 dollars/slice.

          This is kind of cheating, but occasionally you'll find a Burger King with the full whopper for a buck.

          the .25 coffee at the counter at the kierland

          samples at whole foods

          1. amkirkland Where on Tatum...have to visit a friend in Mayo today....Pizza is my weakness!

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              as far south as possible on the SW corner of Tatum and Bell. It's near a dunkin donuts and directly across tatum from Del Taco. Their specials are a white pie with eggplant and tomatoes and "The Godfather," which is also a white pie wih a variety cured meats. I really enjoy their sausage too... it actually reminded white a bit of PB's sausage, but finer ground. Beware of the pastry case though... they look great, but don't have much of a turnover, so they're more of a decoration.

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                Cool. That is very close to where I live. Can't beat good pizza. :)

                1. re: Firenza00

                  I'm curious about what others about it. I haven't mentioned it around here cause i wanted to give them some more tries.