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Mar 16, 2007 08:22 AM

looking for a bar...

where it would be possible to actually sit DOWN and watch basketball tonight?
and not have to arrive 3.5 hrs early...
and preferably near a metro as i melt in the rain... :o)
anyone have an idea or two?

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  1. Yes- Ugly Mug in Eastern Market should be helpful for that. The Bailey's in Ballston should be ok (though that bar s*cks*), what do you drink and what do you want to eat or for atmosphere?

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    1. re: jpschust

      agreed on baileys... though am still mulling it b/c we definitely could find a seat... i think the main thing we want is to be able to see and hear the TVs, sit, and drink a beer... but still be able to cheer on the teams on our brackets... good beer in my case... coors or miller lite (unfortunately) in the case of others... drats, i am talking myself into baileys... ew....

      1. re: kabrown

        Where are you located- I can probably find you a few other places you might dig. One that comes to mind is Ragtime in Courthouse- the backroom is rarely full.

        1. re: jpschust

          I don't think the back room at Ragtime it is set up in such a way that you can watch 3-4 games at once, however.

          i forget the name of the place at the bottom of the hill on wilson from CThouse...roadhouse or something like that? It is across the street from a gas station. I had no trouble sitting down there to watch games last year and they had lots of room in the basement, with several tv's. Not my favorite bar but a good backup for extreme circumstances like this.

          1. re: jpschust

            hm... never checked it out, and it's only a few blocks away... that might do...
            on a totally different note, has anyone been to the old dominion brewhouse at the convention center? (close to work)

        2. re: jpschust

          I went to Bailey's last year at about 2:30 pm on the first Friday of the tournament last year and it was already filling up. If you try to go this evening, you will probably have a line to deal with and difficulty trying to get a table. This year I got a few cases of beer and some stuff to make good burgers and nachos at home....with CBS offering march madness on demand and my neighbor's high speed wireless readily available, I can get all the games at home without the crowded sausage-fest and johnny-come-lately fans of various upstart teams.