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Mar 16, 2007 08:13 AM

Smith & Wollensky question (moved from Chicago)

Looking for steak alternative at S&W. How is the lobster, and how much does it usually go for (10 oz. size listed on the menu doesn't sound that large). Also, remember seeing someone eat some good looking ribs there once, but don't see them on the menu. Is this a special?

The filet mignon oscar style sounds interesting, but also sounds like a little mucho. Any thoughts?

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  1. Had the lobster tail in December. Was barely warm (as was the rest of the table's food), so not that great. The size was adequate for a normal appetite with side dishes and an appetizer. Don't remember the price. Wasn't impressed with the whole experience.

    1. Options?? A fellow knowledgeable poster here put together one of the most impressive lists of steak "options" ever on a different thread:

      1. I believe they often have Dover Sole (hopefully the real deal, not the west coast imposter). I haven't had it there, but since not many places serve real Dover Sole you might want to avail yourself of that option.