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Mar 16, 2007 08:12 AM

What about Mother's?

I thought I read that Mother's had survived Katrina. What does today's announcement of the OK for the construction of the new Trump Tower at the "nearly vacant" corner in the block bordered by Poydras, Magazine, Camp and Natchez? Isn't that the block opposite where Texaco used to be?
I really wanted Mother's to survive.

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  1. Mother's is still there and thriving. Was just there on Sunday (as was David Rosengarten, he was right behind me.)

    The Trump Tower is north of Mother's, but south of Le Pavillon, if that helps you any. Mother's will be just fine...

    1. Thank you. Neighbors going down soon asked me for a list of places and prices and know the rest.

      1. Since you're not sure what did and did not survive Katrina, maybe you should check before you give your friends a list. has an up-to-date listing of what's re-opened since the hurricane. It's arranged by section of the City and surrounding area which will make it easy for you. Addresses are included along with phone numbers.
        Remember that a lot of places still aren't open full time. Best to check hours and days of operation.

        1. This good article just posted recently and mentions recently opened favorite restaurants in New Orleans. (Rosengarten's visit)

          1. I'm new to this site but really appreciate these postings. I'm heading down to New Orleans in a few days with my daughter to volunteer. We both really appreciate great food but my pocketbook can't go along for the ride. Any suggestions for good but not particularly expensive restaurants that come to mind?

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              You may want to start a new thread to address your question. You'll get specific responses.