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Mar 16, 2007 07:53 AM

Where is the absolute best carne asada burrito?

Must satisfy my meat lust! Especially interested in Glendale, Pasadena, NE LA areas.

Suggestions, please.

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  1. Carnitas Michaocan, on No. Broadway at 19th, above Chinatown below Lincoln Heights at the 5 intersection. Good meat, though I prefer the al pastor from the rotisserie spit. The best because the salsa roja is the best, by far -- smoky, brick redbrown, spicy, complex, wonderful.

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      My current studio is 2 blocks from Carnitas Michoacan, and I was quick to discover it. In the immediate area, CM does indeed have the best carne asada burrito. Their al pastor is off the chart as well, although I think it is a bit rich for a burrito. I usually get either lengua tacos, which are superb, or a carne asada burrito. Give yourself 20 minutes of line / wait time, because this place is jammed at all times. If they are open, there is a line. Nothing else in the area even comes close. Also, has an A in the window, which is almost nonexistant in the LA taco stand world.

      Llamarada down the street on Daly and Pasadena Ave. has awesome fresh salsa roja, but unfortunately their burritos and tacos are tasteless, which is quite a feat in a bad way. Bland Mexican food? How on earth does that even happen?

      What I pine for are the carne asada burritos from Sergio's in the City of Commerce. I don't even know if it is still there, but those are the best I have ever had. Period.

      Tacos Mexico and King Taco are decent chain substitutes, but I think you will be much happier finding something in a smaller one-off taco stand like Carnitas Michoacan. Enjoy! ©

    2. Thanks, Nosh! I'm drooling as I type. Just might have to detour on the way home!

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          ah, the perennial debate in my mind: carnitas vs. el taurino. both very different burritos; both satisfy very different moods. i love how el taurino marinades their meat in lime. ask for the hot sauce on the side, it is definitely intestine-searing.

          the nachos at carnitas is actually really good, too. i've been eating that and their burritos my entire life (i grew up at the nearby korean church).

          other than el taurino and carnitas, no burrito has come close. NONE. i've tried all the offerings here in west LA and am so disappointed.

        2. That's the one on Hoover?

          1. The SO and I stopped at El Taurino on Hoover after some late night event. This place feeds a large and diverse crowd especially late on a weekend. Ordered a carne asada burrito and a beer period. Got it, couldn't wait to dig in and BAM! the hot sauce hit me between the eyes it was so darn hot. Tried again after a slug of beer and WHAM! right at me again. I'm no slouch with heat but WOW I could not do this. Broke me heart but I couldn't take another bite.

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                owned by the same folks as El Taurino, no?