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A gourmet shop in North Bergen, NJ

Is there a gourmet shop in N. Bergen NJ where I can purchase exotic salt and spices, oils and vinegal and teas and coffees? Please don't mention Whole food.

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  1. there are a few in hoboken...

    Garden of Eden just opened up on 2nd & washington (www.edengourmet.com)... it would probably have what you're looking for..

    1. LOL i meant, Bergen County...not North Bergen as in area. Hoboken is a bit too far from where I am ....=(

      1. Monica:

        How about Piccolo's Gastronomia in Ridgefield? It's at 484 Bergen Blvd. and stocks much of what you're looking for.

        In this area, you really have to keep your eyes peeled! There are lots of little specialty stores that can exceed all expectations, but you'll miss them if you blink.

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          that's great, ridgefield, i can do. thanks!
          I moved from NYC to NJ about 2 months ago and I am so sick of Stop and shop supermarket. hehe

        2. Monica:

          I moved to New Jersey from Queens six years ago and it took a little while before I was able to learn to spot the good shops.

          It's hard to believe, but I find the quality of food shopping here to be far better than New York City. However - and it's a big however - training yourself to recognize quality from your car window is tougher than it sounds.

          Once you get the hang of it - and get used to driving everywhere - you'll pity the poor souls who are stuck with NYC food shopping. Piccolo's is just the tip of the iceberg.

          BTW...another place close by with what you're looking for is:

          Jerry’s Gourmet & More
          410 S. Dean St.
          Englewood, NJ 07631

          Neither of these are too far from Mitsuwa Marketplace, the Japanese supermarket that was redone not long ago.

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          1. re: BrianYarvin

            This is great, I know exactly where Dean St is. and I am only about 5 min from there.

          2. i second jerry's especially if you want some great cheese.

            1. I rely on the gourmet shop Echo & Whetstone in Rivervale, NJ (North Bergen County). They have salts, spices, oils, etc... plus fish, cheese, meats, take-out items & a bunch of other gourmet goodies. http://www.echoandwhetstone.com/index...

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              1. re: pumpkin donut

                Echo and Whetstone closed! They said that they would be closed for "renovations" until the end of January, but I just found out that they won't be reopening. Another store owner in that little mall said that she thinks that the owner just said that they were renovating to save face. It makes sense because the place was brand new -- what could they possibly be renovating?!!

              2. I would stay away from Jerry's for there the term gourmet is poetic liscence. Several years ago it was Jerry's discount prefumes and cosmetics. You are much better off with even Trader Joes where at least you know the food fresh and not repackaged closeouts.
                Market Basket in Franklin Lakes is another great spot as is Visentini Bros. In Lodi. Google spec. markets in N.J. and you will get a nice asst. Ciao!

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                1. re: manatky

                  For the record, I enjoy picking up cold cuts, Italian Bread or a few pantry items at Visentini Bros., in Lodi. It's a pleasant little neighborhood market, but you are not being honest in praising its virtues over Jerry's in Englewood. They are not even in the same league and different altogether. Jerry's has far more prepared foods on a daily basis and is by far a better market for selection....and last time I was there, they still sold discount cosmetics and perfumes in the back section of the store.

                  Every suggestion has been a good one thus far, I am not sure of the actual name of the store, but I would add you try The Internation Food Outlet annexed to National Wholesale Liquidators on Essex Street, Lodi. It is also reachable from Route 17 North, north of the Route 17 North exit off Interstate Route 80 West. A Large selection with very good prices. Go there and judge for yourself.

                  Last, if you like the Market Basket type of store, try Fairway Market on Anderson Avenue in Fort Lee or Maywood MarketPlace on West Pleasant Avenue in Maywood. Both are excellent and better value than The Market Basket in my honest opinion.

                  1. re: manatky

                    One has unfortunately to strongly agree here with manatky's comment about Jerry's "Gourmet" in Englewood-- Caveat Emptor/Buyer Beware! The notoriously rude owner is infamous for selling repackaged closeouts and expired products. He started years ago by selling perfumes at discount and then hit on the "idea" of selling dubious food products at "cheap" prices, but many people I know have ended up with expired products, most of all in the bogus "gift" baskets. The store is also filthy on the inside. One is much better off these days going to Zeytinia in Englewood, where at least it's spotlessly clean and the food is fresh.

                    1. re: NorthernJerseyGal

                      Any of you who say that Jerrys Gourmet is dirty and that the owner is rude are deeply mistaken. I happen to know the owner and he is the most kind, helpful, and down to earth man you could meet. He is very passionate about is work and sometimes he does have a temper but besides taht he is a great man. Yes, he did sell perfumes but that was a different business and he came from Italy with a dream to bring good italian food to America. I do not want to sound rude but you all have no idea what you are talking about. Give Jerrys another chance and you may just change your opinion about the store.

                      1. re: g489

                        i'm with you, G...i Heart Jerry's...i love their cheeses, their homemade bolognaise (sp), their ExtraVirginoliveoil, and even the surely cheese monger..i like the fact that i can get really high end hair products in the back of the store after perusing their wines, and why not? my only wish is that they had good produce, which i admit, is lame..

                        Not to highjack this thread and/or be inflamatory, but, save for corrodo's where are all the Italian produce mongers in NJ? All of the markets -Farmers market on rt.17, in Hackesack, and now on New Bridge road, seem to peddle the same second hand produce as one another...
                        I dream of a Jerry's fruit market, jerry's-haters be damned!

                  2. Chefs Central on rt.17 in Paramus has a nice selection of items you search for.

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                    1. re: manatky

                      Zeytinia Gourmet, in Oakland and Englewood, will probably have what you are looking for. http://zeytiniacatering.com/

                      1. re: menton1

                        I second Zeytinia. I was recently in the newly opened one in Englewood and though I didn't buy anything it looked good and prices seemed fairly reasonable. Jerry's in Englewood can get unbearably crowded and I usually stay away from it for that reason.

                    2. Zetinia, yes; Jerry's, a BIG FAT NO!!!!!!!

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                      1. re: CookingBabs

                        The place I work for used Jerry's to cater a luncheon for our employees. It was to be delivered at noon, it arrived at 2:00. Two of the main dises were forgotten. They were also not very appologetic. I would never use them or reccomend Jerry's.

                      2. I've only been to Zeytinia in Oakland and I was quite disappointed. We bought cannolis from there thinking that they looked amazing. We bit into it only to find they only put the cannoli cream on the ends - absolutely NO cream in the middle. The eclairs we bought from them were filled with a LEMON custard - no clue why!!! And then there were quite a few things that were passed their sell by date.

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                        1. re: lucienne78

                          Cheese seems fresh enough at Jerry's. Might want to keep in mind if you do go there that Balthazar Bakery is about a mile up the road (one-way north to south).