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Mar 16, 2007 07:26 AM

A gourmet shop in North Bergen, NJ

Is there a gourmet shop in N. Bergen NJ where I can purchase exotic salt and spices, oils and vinegal and teas and coffees? Please don't mention Whole food.

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  1. there are a few in hoboken...

    Garden of Eden just opened up on 2nd & washington ( it would probably have what you're looking for..

    1. LOL i meant, Bergen County...not North Bergen as in area. Hoboken is a bit too far from where I am ....=(

      1. Monica:

        How about Piccolo's Gastronomia in Ridgefield? It's at 484 Bergen Blvd. and stocks much of what you're looking for.

        In this area, you really have to keep your eyes peeled! There are lots of little specialty stores that can exceed all expectations, but you'll miss them if you blink.

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        1. re: BrianYarvin

          that's great, ridgefield, i can do. thanks!
          I moved from NYC to NJ about 2 months ago and I am so sick of Stop and shop supermarket. hehe

        2. Monica:

          I moved to New Jersey from Queens six years ago and it took a little while before I was able to learn to spot the good shops.

          It's hard to believe, but I find the quality of food shopping here to be far better than New York City. However - and it's a big however - training yourself to recognize quality from your car window is tougher than it sounds.

          Once you get the hang of it - and get used to driving everywhere - you'll pity the poor souls who are stuck with NYC food shopping. Piccolo's is just the tip of the iceberg.

          BTW...another place close by with what you're looking for is:

          Jerry’s Gourmet & More
          410 S. Dean St.
          Englewood, NJ 07631

          Neither of these are too far from Mitsuwa Marketplace, the Japanese supermarket that was redone not long ago.

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          1. re: BrianYarvin

            This is great, I know exactly where Dean St is. and I am only about 5 min from there.

          2. i second jerry's especially if you want some great cheese.