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Mar 16, 2007 07:23 AM

Downtown Dim Sum

I'm looking for a good place to go on Saturday with a large group. What's the best going these days, and how long will we have to wait?

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  1. Went to Forestview per the Chowhound raves and was very happy. Decor and quality of the food has remained consistent since the 80s. The clientele is usually Chinese families and older couples. I didn't have much of a wait. It wasn't crowded. If you're looking for great decor and atmosphere, this is not the place to go.

    1. Well, the Bright Pearl is pretty good (especially the steamed chicken buns and the hot mustard) and it has a big dinning room, but it's on the expensive side (at least $20 p/p).
      The Sky Dragon is excellent and cheap and also has a large dinning room. Quality has been excellent recently but is not consistent. Try the curried cuttlefish.
      The Rainbow Restaurant is great and cheap and it is a la carte (no trolleys). So you get what you want when you want it and it's always hot and fresh but it's missing some ambience.
      The Saigon Pearl is excellent and cheap. Try the fried calamary and the fried shrimp dumplings. And the sticky rice there is also great. But it has a very small dinning room.

      1. Lai wah Heen has been ranked amongst the best in the world.Bring your richest friend as it is
        rather upscale and priced accordingly..Food Guy 905