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Mar 16, 2007 07:13 AM

Verve Mission

It was my birthday and my husband surprised me with dinner at Verve. He doesn't read this board.

I have to say it was pretty good. The waiters were rushed but skilled and attentive. I had venison sausage in a saskatoon demi-glace. The sauce was really good. The sausage patties were nicely undercooked but not exciting. My husband had the calamari in a mango rum sauce. The calamari were not fried (a nice change) and very tender. Again, the sauce was good.

My husband had bison tenderloin in the same saskatoon demi-glace with their potatoes mashed with mascarpone and he was very pleased. I had butternut squash canneloni in a champagne cream sauce which was very good.

My husband enjoyed the dark chocolate mousse which I thought looked pale but he said had an intense chocolate flavour. He likes bittersweet chocolate so that is high praise. I had the MacAllan 12 year for dessert. At least they HAD a good single malt!

The prices were reasonable for the quality although I wasn't watching that carefully. It WAS my birthday after all. The food arrived hot and in a timely fashion. The room is pleasant. We enjoyed ourselves. Maybe the other locations deserve the bad rep but on a weeknight this place is worth a visit. Some people stated the menu at other locations is too long for good results but I noticed a few dishes were served in the same sauce so the menu wasn't overly ambitious.

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  1. Sharonanne- it's my understanding that the remaining Verves (Stephen Ave is dead and buried) are under new ownership- so your review is very encouraging.

    I was on 4th yesterday and noted that Original Joe's is back open after renos, new signage at earls, but what really intrigues me is... what the heck is going in the med centre? I know their development/change of use permit was passed, but it's still windows papered over ("Strategic," the same company that's taking over the abandoned site further north). Any Mission types know what the deal is?