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Mar 16, 2007 06:46 AM

LCBO Food & Wine Mag

How do CHers feel about this magazine?

I love it mostly because it satisfies my craving for food porn - free! I like the photos and concepts, I can deal with the obvious advertorials. I have a small collection of back issues. But I never actually cook from it. Their ethnic/specialty recipes often seem pretty inauthentic (shoofly pie with whole wheat crumbs? Tortiere with fennel?). That's not necessarily a bad thing if they taste good...

Also curious about the Waverman/Chatto recipe and wine pairings recently. I don't get out much so this might be a way for me to learn about matching food with wine.

Any comments?

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  1. Ok Jules I'll bite!! I too always pick one up on my way out. Photos are wonderful in it..I don't collect them though..When I get home I cut out any new cocktail recipes that interest me or food recipes then toss the mag out for recycling. I've only ever made one recipe from the book, it was a BBQ recipe. As I recall it was good but not outstanding. I confess, I did find a photo in it once of a floral centerpiece that I loved..I brought it to my own florist and she copied there ya go!!
    As far as food and wine pairings go..drink what you enjoy with whatever you make...and my own TIP...Don't "save" an expensive bottle for that "special occasion" it might never come...Just drink the bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. re: flipkeat

      Completely agreed on "saving" bottles. Life is DEFINITELY too short to drink cheap wine, but I guess my name gives that away ;)

      As far as the mag goes, I pick it up to look at the pics too, but I've also tried the recipes, which have never worked for me. I stopped trying after 5. Somehow, they either just don't taste great, or it flops. I consider myself a decent cook, definitely no expert however, but I judge recipes by how easy they are to follow, or good they turn out. If I follow a recipe exactly, and it works, everytime, then its a good recipe.

      In terms of food and wine pairing, I personally like to push the envelope. Pairing a Brunello with venison is not rocket science-they are made for one another. Just experiment. The general rule is to pair food with wines that will compliment, thus enhancing, the flavours of the food (like the example used above), It is when you get into complex dishes where the territory becomes a bit less familiar.

      The wonderful thing about wine is that it is a continual learning process. Anyone who tells you they are an "expert" (even Sommeliers) does not know what they are talking about. No one will ever know everything about wine. Its beauty lies in how it constantly surprises us. Have fun.

      Tortiere with fennel? Hmmm...somehow I doubt that would work, but chacun son gout I suppose.

      1. re: flipkeat

        I absolutely love this magazine..

        I love to cook and I like trying new recipes. I find that this particular magazine has some very tasty recipes. I threw a christmas party in which all the food was made from the LCBO magazine and it was a great success. (I was offered a couple of catering gigs afterwards!!!) As far as the wine pairings go i have never really used their suggestions as i tend to use wines I think will go nicely with the meal.

      2. I think that it's okay... I like to flip through it for photography and recipe inspiration anyways. I've tried a few of the recipes, and sometimes they seem a little off. I wonder if it's be/c the magazine is free: the recipes just aren't tested as well as those in other sources(?).

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        1. re: littlegreenpea

          littlegreenpea, recipes that come from food magazines that have in-house test kitchens (Canadian Living, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, etc.), whether they are developed by test kitchen staff members or are submitted by freelance contributors, are "tested till perfect" as CL's motto goes. I can attest (no pun intended ;-)) to this personally.

          Magazines without in-house test kitchens, that rely solely on editorial content from freelance food writers, usually publish recipes without their being tested and re-tested by independent recipe testers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the LCBO's Food & Drink falls into the latter category.

          Which in NO way excuses it from publishing recipes that do not work. Nor does the fact that it's free. If I ran a magazine, there's no way I'd publish recipes that were not tested, and re-developed, if necessary.

        2. Just curious - what would your ideal, free local magazine look like? Would you prefer it to be heavier on recipes or on local, food-related editorials? Personally, I'd go for the stories and tidbits rather than the recipes.

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          1. re: FlavoursGal

            What you describe sounds a little like City Bites - which I also enjoy. But I think Food & Drink is not really local in that Ontario is a pretty big place, and they are probably quite concious of not wanting to be too Toronto. They have had articles on regions like Prince Edward Country, for example.

            I guess like the recipes, and accompanying food porn, even if I don't use them. They give me ideas. For example when I get around to making tortiere I will use my grandmother's recipe (I have been intimidated for 15+ years but I'm working up to it soon!), but I may make the fig ketchup I think they had to go with it, and I will try their wine rec.

            1. re: julesrules

              Does City Bites still exist? The last issue I saw from them was about 2-3 months ago. I enjoy the magazine, although I'm based in Montreal.

              1. re: BLM

                I hope so... blogs and such aside, I still prefer to hold a magazine in my hands to read all the TO tidbits on food. As for Food&Wine, I made a bunch of their recipes from Christmas and they went pretty well. I prefer their cocktail recipes to anything else but ultimately, it's the photography that gets me picking it up every time.

          2. OK. You got me stymied. I looked up LCBO, and got mainly references to Liquor Board of Ontario. No magazines.

            What is this publication?

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            1. re: Sharuf

              Here you go, Sharuf. It's called Food & Drink, not Food & Wine.


              1. re: FlavoursGal

                Yeah I realized I screwed up the title while lying in bed last night. Obsessed with CH much?

            2. I always pick it up when I can. They seem to go fast, and I end up with the French version!

              The wine pairings are always helpful, but I appreciate the beer pairings even more. Just don't see enough beer/food pairing going on generally.

              The recipes are pretty simplistic. I use them more as a starting point or inspiration. For Christmas, I did use a stuffing recipe from the mag - a baked sausage/sourdough dish that was a hit at the table.

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              1. re: NovoCuisine

                Yes I enjoy their beer information as well.