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Mar 16, 2007 06:39 AM

Smith & Wollensky question

I am headed to S&W tonight. I had a filet last week at Erie Cafe, which I don't think can be beaten, and am looking for a steak alternative. Last time I dined at S&W I recall someone ordering the ribs, and they looked quite good. I did not see them on the menu -- anyone know if this is a regular item? Also, how is their lobster, and how pricey is it?

Any other suggestions are appreciated. Maybe I will end up with a filet after all -- the oscar style sounds intriguing, but maybe a bit much.


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  1. I know this doesn't answer your specific question - I hope others will be happy to do so - but if you're looking for additional alternatives in the steakhouse arena, this topic has comments about a lot of them, along with a long listing of the best and most popular steakhouses in the Chicago city and suburbs:

    1. Last time I was there I had the bone-in ribeye. It was fantastic. Those at my table who ordered other steaks were not as happy.

      1. I've not been to Smith and Wollensky for years as the service in the Wash D.C. branch was always horrible, but if they still have the pretzel rolls (usually in the bar) request them for your table. Excellent!!