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Mar 16, 2007 06:14 AM

What are the best cakes and where?

I need to buy a wonderful cake and am very flexible on the type. What are your opinions on the best individual cakes... and where can I get them.

Many thanks

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  1. Celestin on Mount Pleasant. Martial Ribreau is a genius.

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        Pretty much anything, but Le Royal is amazing.

        One of his talents lies in making the cake consistency the same as the mousse consistency (I'm no baker, so please excuse my terminology), which is extremely difficult to do IMO. In addition, he does amazing things with fruit/chocolate, and it is one of the few places where I've enjoyed cakes and pastries that are both mind-blowingly delicious AND beautiful. Not confectionary sweet either (which I cannot stand)-he allows the natural flavours of the fruit to come through beautifully. Like a beautifully balanced symphony on the palate.

    1. Patisserie La Cicogne on Bayview, just south of Eglinton. Large selection, many sizes, and while you're thinking about it, the best almond croissant in the city.

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      1. re: Snarf

        What cakes are good at Patisserie La Cicogne?

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          I love Thierry Schmitt's truffles from La Cigogne. He's good with chocolate.

      2. Noisette at Warden & Steeles in Markham.

        They provided the cake for our wedding and 2 birthday cakes for my son.

        We always go for the orange/vanilla cake with white chocolate frosting. The orange is very subtle and delicious. We've also tried their banana bread, which has got to be the best I've ever had.

        The owner, Hannah, is terrific to work with and the prices are reasonable. Can't remember what we paid for the last birthday cake but I do remember thinking it was a fair price. And they are fairly inventive with the decorations.

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          I noticed their website requires you to have 'desserts ordered in multiples of 6'. Does this mean their bakery is not open to the public for single item purchases?

        2. The Red Tea Box on Queen West has very artful, beautiful and innovative cakery (is that a word... what they do feeeeels like "cakery").

          You can pop down there for tea and see the very imaginative creations their kitchen is turning out. Very unique (hence probably not entirely economical... still, soooo beautiful).

          1. For Austrian and Mittel-European inspiration - Sweet Gallery on Mt Pleasant, comfort food to some :).