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Mar 16, 2007 05:48 AM

MSP - Mid Month Update - Post a Review of places you've dined at in MARCH 2007!

Please take a moment and reflect on the last few weeks.

Where have you been & how was it?

Take the time to share with your fellow chowhounds!


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  1. This month hasn't been as restaurant heavy as other but since I've been posting since the new year, I'll go through this month so far:

    Tum Rup Thai - I posted this in Feb. but we ate there in the beginning of March. Very good, fresh food, we were just disappointed that when we ordered things hot they came out maybe medium. It's still my favorite uptown Thai spot.

    Holy Land - got takeout for dinner twice, it's absolutely the best takeout in town. $9 for a whole chicken dinner which is so wonderful. I do wish their spinach pie was more like spanikopita - I'm not crazy about the dough-ier crust and the spices they mix in with the spinach.

    Tiger Sushi - posted this in the sushi thread. I finally got husband to go to dinner with me in MOA (I had to promise to buy cute pajamas while we were there :). Very fresh fish, nice service, but the pieces were small and easily fell apart.

    Jasmine Deli - picked up bahn mi and spring rolls one day for lunch. Delicious as always.

    Stella's - I met a friend in Uptown and she was craving fish so we went here. I hadn't been since they first opened and our first visit back then was subpar but our second was quite good. We split a salad that had beets (I LOVE beets - Town Talk Diner has the best beet plate) and it was good but had an odd fishy flavor in the salad dressing (not anchoives, I wouldn't have minded that). Then I got the blackened grouper with a fruit (mango?) salsa and rice and beans. It was quite good - spicy which I liked but didn't expect. One major downside was that the busboy was very aggressive and tried to take our plates twice before we were done. Also, I didn't realize they're not owned by Parasole anymore and when we tried to pay w/ a Parasole gift certificate the waiter seemed confused.

    Turtle Bread Co - husband and I popped in there late one night for a light dinner. We both tried to get soup and salad but they were out of salad by 8pm. I love their tomato basil soup, husband got some kind of bean soup and wasn't crazy about it. I wish I loved this place since it's around the corner from us but it's just missing something.

    So that's it. I've been on vacation in Florida since Tuesday so that's curtailed my eating out in Mpls a bit. I started craving Ethiopian last night so we'll probably head to Fasika as soon as we're back in town.

    1. Let's see...

      Little Szechuan was decent but I didn't find as much to rave about as others have. I will say the Dan Dan noodles were stellar. I need to go back and see if I just ordered poorly.

      Asian Infusion on Grand Avenue. Very average food. Probably won't be back.

      Carry out from Shish Cafe. Very good lamb burger and chicken schwarma wrap. Fries were only ok. Nice to have this as an option in the neighborhood. I feel a bit dopey that I hadn't seen it previously.

      Cafe Latte for a quick salad and soup one night. No change. Solid upscale cafeteria offerings. Actually, check that, I often think their soups are a bit bland.

      Had a carry-out Adriatico from the Saint Paul Punch one night. Fantastic as always.

      A great meal at New Delhi. Garlic Naan. Jheenga Vindaloo (shrimp). Murgh Tandoori (chicken). And Palak Khumba (spinach, mushroom). Everything was well spiced and expertly prepared.

      So far I'm not holding up my New Year's resolution to cook at home more. Next month. I promise.

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        I agree about Little Szechuan, had take out tonight from Tea House and it was great. All the things that I hoped for at LS but didn't get. Would go to the Tea House any day of the week. Also went to Stellas for Friday nite happy hour and had a great time. Craftsman last night exceeded expectations. Great lunch at South Asian Foods

        1. re: SLBunge

          I'm sorry you were disappointed at Little Szechuan--I've had some fantastic meals there, though I still grumble about the service and the limited wine menu. I still think we're lucky to have it in St. Paul. I think, like many places, you need to choose carefully (and luckily.) Make sure you have the black, "authentic" menu.

          We always order the fish fillet and tofu in spicy tasty broth. It's my favorite dish there, although, be prepared for the layer of chili oil that sits atop the "broth," which is not at all a broth because it's not something you'd ever eat with a spoon. Too oily and too spicy/hot.

          I also really like the stir fried green beans in special sauce, although, be forwarned that the sauce is not very saucy. Not everyone thinks they are as fantastic as I do, but I still love them and recommend them. I, too, like the dan dan noodles.

          The other dishes I've really liked, but have only ordered once so I can't comment on consistency, are the beer duck, the szechuan ma po tofu, the stir-fried spicy cucumbers, and the chung king spicy shrimp.

          Avoid the big sister style rabbit--I don't think anyone at the chowdown, including me, liked it. Also, the consensus was that the pork with spicy sauce wasn't as good as the fish fillet and tofu in spicy broth, even though the "sauce" with the pork seemed identical to the "broth" for the fish.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            It may be the best the St. Paul has to offer but my money is going to be spent at the Tea House. Only 15min further than LS. I have had 5-6 meals at LS, only one was one that I thought was OK.

            1. re: ibew292

              Just curious, what dishes did you order that you found not "OK" and why? I can understand if you found the dishes not "outstanding" or if you like Tea House better, but not even okay?


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                Kung Pao Chicken,Double Cooked Pork,Crispy Duck (All seemed overcooked and under spiced) don't remember the rest because they didn't in my opinion have merit to remember. Nothing I had at LS tasted anything I had in China. I realize that China is a big place and has different tastes but LS didn't seem authentic to me, seemed bland missing something. I'm glad that that you Chowhounds like the place so I can have the Tea House for myself. Everybodys taste differ, that what makes eating so special.

        2. Went to Kincaid's in Bloomington---did the happy hour thing. Their happy hour deals are amazing! we ordered 5 appetizers, ended up with leftovers to take home and enjoyed my favorite restaurant in Bloomington, without completely breaking the bank. The macadamia nut encrusted brie is fabulous every time, the teriyaki steak tips, fire prawns....definitely made my day.
          Had a burger craving and went to Fuddruckers, but not impressed. Ordered a burger medium and it was ready before we got to our tables, and ended up more on the well side. Think they have started pre-cooking vs. cooking to order. Won't be going back.
          Went to Houlihan's in Richfield for a work lunch, and had their jumbalaya. Not a completely authentic way of serving or cooking as the rice was cooked separately and then the sauce was poured around the dish afterwards. Flavor not so bad, though.
          Also had the chicken curry at the Safari restaurant in the Global Market over on Lake. No spice to speak of, but good flavor. Good for something that came from a steamtable.

          Oh, can't forget Ike's in downtown MPLS for brunch on the weekend. Best brunch I have ever had, bar none! My husband's eyes were as big as a dinner plate when he saw the carmel roll come out to the table! The breakfast quesadilla was fabulous as well!

          1. Let's see if I can remember...

            Beef "Patty" with cocobread & Ginger beer at West Indies Soul food at MGM -Thumbs up! Jerk chicken -thumbs down

            Peanut Curry & Pad Thai & apps at Sawadee uptown It's ok I really don't know why Sawadee gets such a bad rap here. My friends and family said they weren't dressed well enough for Chang Mai or Tum Rup

            Buffet at Falafel King uptown -It's my 9 year old's favorite and I I could eat gyros and Meze until I explode.

            Chinese at least once at Red Pepper. Reliable and not bad.

            Bought $50 worth of cheese and salami at Bill's (that's a lot at Bills!) You should try the Beretta brand salamis. Better than Boar's head for 1/2 the price. They also have 2 year old Tillamook for like $4/lb!

            Also was out in the Exurbs and tried to give Joe's crab shack a chance. I thought I saw that Jeremy Iggers said it was his favorite suburban chain but it was soooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad. I wish I had gone to Red Lobster!

            Zen Box and Uncle Franky's for lunch. Always winners but Uncle Franky's was out of Chili.

            Not an exciting month so far but London and Paris starting on 3/31, so that should make up for it.

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            1. re: mnitchals

              Sawadee isn't bad; other places are just better.

            2. Well, a few hits and misses for me........

              Wasabi on Washington Avenue - mostly fine, crazy service, awful cocktail - I ranted a bit in an earlier post. The actual fish was wonderful unfortunately, everything else was woeful.

              Quang's Deli - Nicollet Avenue - well, Jasmine Deli was closed (Monday) so we went to our next best thing and had a nice lunch. I prefer the spring rolls at Jasmine - the wrappers at Quang were much "tougher" and chewier, not as delicate as I prefer but we ate them all down. For lunch, I had #407, the carmelized lemongrass chicken which is my favorite. It comes w/broken rice, salad - it was as perfect as I remembered. My lunch companion had vegetable stir fry with tofu but it seemed to lack much tofu which was a bit disappointing.

              Pi - bar/restaurant at 25th/25th in S. Mpls - had a burger and tater tots and great cocktails. Plus, a trio of desserts that reminded of me of updated Mcdonald's apple pies - but we LOVED THEM.

              I won a Lund's/Byerly's gift basket (HUGE) plus a $200 gift card so I've been enjoying take-out sushi, take-out salads plus lots of great cheese and fresh fish! The basket included a 12-quart sauce pan (Encore) and then ALL of the Lunds/Byerly's signature products! I can never again say "I never win anything."