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Mar 16, 2007 05:08 AM

Gen : weekend Japanese Lunch / Brunch in Prospect Heights

Gen on the corner of St. Marks Ave and Washington Ave in Prospect Heights has started serving lunch / brunch on weekends from noon to 3pm.

We have been a couple of times and are quite impressed.

The food is Japanese, but not traditional Japanese breakfast or lunch. However, it is not fusion either, rather, it is more like the chef's nouveau Japanese brunch. Brunch is not a meal in Japan, so he had to be creative.

The result is a reasonably priced, well executed teishoku (set menu, with choice of entree) including sake mimosa or sake cranberry spritzer.

If you are not a fan of Japanese food for the first meal of the day, you might want to have a bagel or something in the morning before going, and make this meal your lunch. This is because while the Gen brunch may not be traditional Japanese, it is not eggs and bacon either, it is still quite Japanese.

Whether its your lunch or your brunch, the Gen weekend teishoku is a great addition to the neighborhood.

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