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Mar 16, 2007 04:17 AM

Sad news about bar lunch

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  1. I feel like such an idiot. We lived in Hudson for 3 years and we never went there--always said to each other, "we have to go there" and never did. Sad.

    1. Tonight would be such a great night to go there. The clams oh so good. The bar leaning and looking like it might fall over.
      The article makes no mention if they would let someone buy it and keep the tradition alive.

      1. Dukegirl and Trufflehound... have you been to the Old Timer's in Clinton?
        It has the same sort of ambience that BL had but is several pegs up... it has a great old bar and the food isn't that bad.
        A 1930s-40s time warp (like most of Clinton ;-)... it isn't going anywhere in the near future...and it isn't that far from Hudson.

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        1. re: Lilibet

          I do love the Old Timer. The McNally's do a great job. I usually end up there on a ride to the Wachusett Res. Great food and atmosphere, but alas, not the fried clams.

        2. We moved out of Hudson and Massachusetts for that matter years ago. We never tried the Old Timer's but sounds like our kind of place.

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          1. re: dukegirl

            We have gone to Bar Lunch very sporadically for almost forty years. Our take out orders were fried clams,scallops,onion rings and fries- also rolls brimming with lobster in the summer! We will miss it-the prices and the food were always great! Also a litle greasy in a good way!

          2. What's the deal with so many businesses closing down in the center of Hudson in the past month or so?

            Harvest Cafe, Toyboat, and a copy shop along that same strip all have closed down in the last month or so. Now Hudson Bar Lunch?

            Is there a landlord that owns all this property that decided to just up and raise the rent?

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            1. re: Keithel

              There was an article in the Metrowest Daily news about the Bar Lunch closing, the owners cited the 22 month Broad Street closing as contributing to a loss of business.

              1. re: Angel Food

                And in today's paper, an article that Nick's at the rotary is for sale.
                Is the Hudson Super buffet responsible?
                If Chloe leaves we'll have no reason to return.

              2. re: Keithel

                Keithel -

                Was across the street at the Hudson Framery - asked why so many people are leaving.. she said that the owner jacked up the rents on all the storefronts. These little places can't afford it anymore, so they have to leave.

                1. re: Keithel

                  I know in Harvest Cafe's case, the issue was the owner raising the rent to an unreasonable monthly rate.

                  1. re: Joshua B

                    I believe Harvest will take over where Options is.

                    1. re: trufflehound

                      Wow, I would love that. I live a stone's throw away and I'd love to have a great little breakfast/sandwich/performance spot instead of a bar. Now if only something would replace the Santa Barbara Pub...

                      1. re: Joshua B

                        Options is closing?
                        That place used to be Manny's.. now we're talking a real dive. You didn't look crosseyed at any of the women in there!