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Mar 16, 2007 03:34 AM

Pinot Noir Suggestions

Looking for light PN but layered with flavor under $15. I love Firesteed but hard to find. Anyone had Esser Cellars?

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  1. Sadly a lot of the "go to" wines of the past have slowly, inexorably crept above the $15 mark . . . Saintsbury "Garnet," Benton Lane, Carneros Creek, etc. and now all $5 higher or more.

    Depending upon where you live, you may be able to find some négociant Pinot Noir in and around the $15 mark (I'm thinking Joseph Drouhin Lafôret as an example), but your price point is a bit low for many French Bourgogne Pinot Noirs.

    This is one area where California does offer a wider selection than France. Look for these (listed alphabeticaly): Castle Rock "Monterey," Chalone "Monterey," David Bruce "Central Coast," Fleur de Carneros, Kali Hart "Monterey," Ramsay "California," and don't overlook Gallo of Sonoma. All of these are available for $15.99 or less. (I cheated by a buck!)

    Haven't tried Esser. Sorry.

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      Where have you bought a David Bruce "CC" for 15.99 or less...........doubt it very seriously............all the others for sure............

      1. re: jonathon

        BevMo has it on their website for $15.99.

        (Why would I make this up?)

    2. Wow, this is a tough call! Personally, I don't think it's possible to find anything worth drinking under $15. I have yet to taste a Castle Rock that I liked, but the Chalone is a good rec.

      One of the best values I've ever had was Rex Hill, from Oregon's praised Williamette Valley.

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        FWIW, I've had some quite nice Castle Rock Pinots, and some that were -- well, let;s say "less than quite nice."

        Rex Hill does fit into the price range and another good option.

      2. I agree. I just can't reccoment anything under $15. However, in the upper teens, Saintcbury Garnet and La Crema Sonoma Coast are both fine choices.

        1. Au Bon Climat makes a nice pinot in the $17 range that is nice if you lay it down for a couple of years. To unstructured to drink it young. It's not that light, though.
          The Faiveley bourgnone is nice and it's around $16 locally. It might be light enough for you.

          1. A friend put me on to Sticks (Australia) pinot from the Yarra Valley. Prices seem to vary considerably - sometimes into the high teens - but I can get it from a local store in NJ for $11.99.

            The Sticks web site seems to be screwed up, so try this one.....