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Mar 16, 2007 12:21 AM

Barcelona Help Needed

I am traveling to Barcelona in May to celebrate my Brother getting married.
I am looking for a place to have a long lingering lunch, with plenty of wine, on Saturday. Somewhere outdoors on the waterfront possibly, but I am open to all possibilities. We are serious food lovers, but not into pretentious or overly fussy fare.
We are considering staying in the Gothic Quarter as it is near Cal Pep.
Anyone have ideas on accommodation in the Gothic Quarter?

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  1. The Barceloneta (waterfront) is no longer like the old days and is now quite touristy, but one place that is great to eat and you can sit outdoors and take hours to eat and drink is "Port Vell". |Ask locals there to guide you for it is worth it.

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      Thanks Lizardo,
      Where exactly is port vell?

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        Port Vell begins at the end of the Rambla, when you reach the water. If you hang a left and walk along the waterfront, that's the area lizardo mentions. There are some good restaurants but a lot are touristy. Long and lingering with wine is the norm in BCN, so I wouldn't worry about having trouble finding that. What price range and types of dishes are you looking for?

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          its where shiro says, it is the old Paseo Nacional which is now called Passeig de Joan de Borbó and the phone numer is 93 221 71 40

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            O told you in my first reply where it is in Barceloneta

        2. i just got back from a stay at the chic and basic hotel in's centrally located and a REALLY WILD blend of really old and crazy new....As far as places to have a good lunch, I would suggest the taxidermist can look it up online. It has a great lunch menu and you can sit outside in the square and watch tango dancers.

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            The taxidermist is an overpriced toursity joint in the Plaça Real...good only to sit and have a caña

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              we landed up having a liquid lunch of bottle of cava and olives, though i thought the menu looked good

          2. We stay at the Hotel Colon. It is across the plaza from the cathedral in the Barri Gotic. Try to get a room facing the cathedral.

            1. salamanca in barceloneta area is great... not really outdoors though. google it.

              otherwise, senyor parellada (Carrier Argenteria 37) is pretty great value and very nice.
              again, not outside but great.

              if there are a few of you, i'd recommend getting an apartment in BCN. ive just booked on from

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                Passeig Joan de Borbó 74, Barceloneta. Tel: + 34 93 331 9082.
                Great paella on a relatively quiet part of the beachfront promenade. BOOK IN ADVANCE FOR A TERRACE TABLE! Lunch only.

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                  Thanks for all the suggestions!
                  It turned out the same weekend we have planned is the weekend of a Formula 1 Grand Prixe Race. So alot of accomadations are booked. We have found whatever hotel we could fit into, no chance to be picky on that side.
                  The eating schedule is:
                  Friday lunch: a special pre party Jamon Iberico tasting at Jamonisimo for my brother, myself, and my brother's best friend

                  Friday Supper:
                  Pasadis Del Pep

                  Saturday Lunch:
                  A combi will pick us up and shuttle us to Villanova (about an hour from Barcelona) to have lunch by the sea at restaraunt Peixerot, grilled seafood, paella etc..

                  Saturday night:
                  open bar/tapas crawl, we will try to squeeze in Cal Pep, but is should be pretty packed.
                  Any suggestions for this night?