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Mar 15, 2007 11:33 PM

Hells Kitchen Area Steakhouses

Gettin' to be that time again--steakhouse time. Wife is a veggie so don't eat meat that much, so every 2-3 months need to hit as good s-house to get my fix. Usually go across town to Mortons or to Franks but am wondering about my neck of the woods. Usually get shrimp cocktail, bone-in rib eye, some sort of potato and some pinot noir. Wondering about Frankie and Johnnies, Uncle Jacks and the others in the area. Suggestions on whos good and whos a waste of time? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bruni likes Robert's, and I have to admit I'm intrigued:

    1. It's not a conventional American steakhouse, but Churrascaria Plataforma 316 W 49th St (btwn 8th and 9th Aves) is right there. It's probably my favorite meat-festival hangout in NYC, aside from Luger. It's great fun.

      1. You could try the Argentinian steak at Chimichurri Grill. We've never eaten there, but I've heard their steaks are quite good, albeit a different type of beef (chewier?) from what is produced in American.

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          Hmmm. You probably just had skirt steak (Entrana with the enie sound) . Although very tasty and popular in Argentina its a tougher cut.

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            I did mention that I've never been to Chimichurri Grill. And I have not had Argentinian steak anywhere else. However, I have had both skirt steak and hanger steak many times (the latter being a favorite of mine), both of which are chewier. From what you say, sounds as though Argentinian steak is similar.

        2. Thanks for the ideas---I saw the review of Roberts also--interesting. And I really like Ch. Plataforma, though I have only been to the downtown one thus far. Always walk by Ch. Grill, never quite got interested enough to go in though. Anyone been to Frankie and Johnnies?

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            I have been to Frankie and Johnies a few times since it is near my office. It is okay but with Keens so close I would rather choose Keens.

          2. There's also a branch of the Palm over by you. Standard, but good.