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Mar 15, 2007 10:43 PM

Gochi in Cupertino - What to order?

Going here tomorrow and would like suggestions on what to order. I usually stick to my usuals so let me know what you found interesting, worthwhile, and mind blowing. I'd like to open my horizons.


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  1. what are your usuals?

    from what i remember, i liked the croquettes, kimchi claypot rice and some sort of braised beef tongue dish.

    1. Pumpkin mochi, oxtail w/daikon.

      1. Croquette, any of the claypot rice, kurobuta chashu, any of the Japanese pizzas, onigiri (sounds very homely but wow, these are really good)... I'm a sucker for anything there. Very good stuff.

        1. Don't know what your usuals are but here are some of mine:

          I like the jako/mentaiko claypot rice. Definitely get the pizzas - I like the one with the mushrooms. I don't know if they still have it but the mushroom with the black seasame sauce was good too. The salad with the shabu shabu meat is also pretty tasty.

          1. they all sound great. the usual suspects are the croquettes, claypot rice, and the pressed sushi thing.

            i'll definitely take in some of your suggestions. thanks.