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Mar 15, 2007 10:42 PM

Soft serve in SF

Had lunch with a friend and she mentioned a delicious hidden soft serve joint in the city. All she knew was it was in a liquor or convienence store? You have to walk to the back and there's a soft serve stand or shop.


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  1. so here's the deal. it's called Michealis Liquors (i think) on the corner of Fillmore and Union. they have soft serve frozen yogurt and usually have 6 flavors or so. the catch is that it is often called the "anorexic frozen yogurt" because they carry this kind called wowcow that is 10 calories, fat free, and essentially flavorless, but all the marina girls go there and larges (16 oz) and it's something like 160 calories!. they also carry regular fro yo and they have a delicious peanut butter that i am smitten with

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      Have you tasted the nonfat? The stuff at the nonfat soft-serve place in Oakland (Piedmont, same building with Messob) is dreadful.

      1. re: Doodleboomer

        I don't really consider soft serve frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream the same thing--at least it's not the same where I come from in Ohio where there are lots of soft serve cone places (and it's not yogurt). I read in SFGate's Inside Scoop column a month (?) or so ago that the guy who just bought Clown Alley is planning to servce "East Coast Style" soft serve--this I'm pretty excited about.

        Is this corner store's soft serve different from the frozen yogurt you can get someplace like Working Girls?

        1. re: cjp

          i don't know, but that's the beauty of life, go out, try it, report back, and this is the longest run on sentence ever on chowhoud, i'd like to know, because i'm going to go there the first chance i get.

      2. awesome. sounds like a st. pat's day hangover cure.

        1. they have a great custard flavor that is seriously out of this world