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Mar 15, 2007 10:23 PM

Miami Mexican Bakeries

any suggestions for mexican bakeries in the miami area? specially downtown to homestead area.

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  1. there have been no responses because there really aren't to speak. There is a Mexy community blossoming up in Pompano on Dixie Highway South of Atlantic.

    1. such a shame. it's hard to believe with the wide variety of ethnicities in miami-dade county know one ON THIS BOARD knows, lol. i thought i would get a few responses about places in the south dade/homestead area.

      1. south dade is in a major transistion! where there used to be a migrant community, there is now major development. it is no longer the community left in Andrew's wake. It is now a community on the move. and with that, out go the migrant mexys and in come the latin builders association ie cuban movers and shakers. Mexican and Miami do not really belong in the same sentence I am very sorry to say. I had some interesting Tacos the other day in Homestead at a place called Fondita which was a thatched roof on a side street. There may be some mexy bakeries down there, but you got to go down there and ask. I got my info from a young girl at the 'Robert is Here' fruit stand. It's still way cool down in South Dade, but definately in serious transition. GO NOW or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE!

        1. Would a Nicaraguan bakery suffice? Check out Irma's bakery - there are many other Nicaraguan bakeries in the area along Flagler and NW 7th St.

          I've seen Mexican bakeries around Homestead and I'm sure there's a few near the Nicaraguan ones in between SW 8th St. and NW 7th St. Just gotta look for them! If this helps, let me know - but ask the guy at this Mexican market in southern Miami-Dade (I know there's another new market in central Miami, but I don't remember the name nor its location - but the taqueria - El Rinconcito Mexicano - on 1961 SW 8th St would have that information since I picked up a flyer there). Anyways, the market in southern Miami-Dade:

          Fruteria Los Girasoles
          25500 Krome Avenue
          South Miami-Dade